Why Doctors Recommend Astaxanthin

Astaxanthin is pronounce Asta-Zan-Thin, which is really just a fancy word for the compound found in salmon that turns the flesh pink. It is a carotenoid, just like the carotenoid found in carrots that turn the vegetable orange. Carotenoids are compounds that are responsible for making pretty colors in healthy foods, but that’s not all they do.

ShalakaKhasnis_1988-07-13Caratenoids, especially the incredibly powerful Astaxanthin, come with a host of health benefits. Many doctors, including some on-screen personalities, recommend taking this supplement every day for a variety of reasons that include:

Staving Off Fatigue
Salmon fight up stream every year so that they may spawn. Their journeys are long and arduous, and incredibly taxing on their muscles. Astaxanthin is found in salmon flesh for a reason – it promotes muscle recovery and fights fatigue. You can use this supplement to bounce back from hard workouts or to boost your energy throughout the work day.

Boost Eye Health
Astaxanthin is one of those rare supplements that can cross into your retina and repair damage. Clinical studies have shown this supplement to boost eye health and relieve the symptoms of many eye conditions.

Your Epidermis Is Showing
It is an unfortunate fact that the largest organ in the body – the skin – receives nutrients last. This means you need to eat a lot of healthy foods to drive essential nutrients through the entire system to affect the skin. But Astaxanthin gets right to work to promote your skin’s natural glow.

Instead Of Ibuprofen
Astaxanthin is a natural anti-inflammatory. But is comes with one massive benefit over the chemical versions – it doesn’t cause intestinal discomfort. And since most major health maladies revolve around the fact that your body is inflamed, Astaxanthin has been proven to prevent certain aches, pains and conditions. As little as 12mg a day can give you all these benefits.