cGMP Facility Tour

Manufacturing Services and Capabilities

Manufacturing services completed in a State of the Art Facility that is GMP certified. Facility maintains consistent optimum temperature and humidity levels in all production (pharmacy, encapsulation, blending, tableting, packaging and powder packaging).

From product development, through product introduction, to full market penetration, we can handle your production needs. Our current production capabilities include:

Climate controlled facility
(HPLC) High-Performance Liquid Chromatography
(UPLC) Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography
FT- IR Spectrometer
Moisture Analysis
Stability Chamber
Micro (E Coli, Salmonella, Moulds, Plate Count)
GC Mass Spec for testing Pesticides

Blending capabilities

Blender rooms for batch sizes of 35 to 3600 kilos with a blending capacity of approximately 500,000 kilos weekly
20 million kilos annual
Capsule rooms have the capacity to produce 4-billion capsules annually
Tablet rooms provide production capabilities to produce 10 billion tablets on annual


Tablet presses having the capacity to produce 30-million tablets daily


Encapsulation (powder): capsule machines with a capacity of 25 million daily
Encapsulation (liquid): approximately 1 million daily


Accela Coater, pharmaceutical convection pans, and polishing pans give us an unlimited capacity for aqueous, pharmaceutical glaze and enteric coating.
A custom designed coating facility for all colors and specification for tablets.

Packing (Tablets/Capsules)

Fully automated lines and semi-automatic counters give us a capacity of over 200,000 bottles daily
Powers: One automated line produces approximately 6,000 bottles daily

Quality Control

The PhDs, pharmacists, and lab technicians in a state of the art in-house laboratory ensure that every product manufacture meets our exacting standards of excellence.


QA technicians oversee every aspect of manufacturing processes, from the purchase and receipt of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. Our comprehensive quality management program includes ongoing education and training for our entire QA staff. The meticulous work of our QA team goes far beyond cGMP compliance; it guarantees that we will always meet our uncompromising standards of excellence.

Temperature Control

Contract Manufacturing Facility has a standard operating procedure in place to monitor the temperature and humidity in production (pharmacy, blending, encapsulation, powder, and packaging) and warehouse area.

GMP Compliant

Contract Manufacturing Facility uses Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document details processes and procedures and also provides continuing education and training for all employees in Job Functions and in the requirements of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Regulations.

Product Inspection

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document details processes and procedures from receipt of raw materials, formulation, order process, production line set-up, and testing efficacy of a finished product before it is shipped to our clients.


Facilities are GMP Registered and FDA Compliant.  QA/QC team currently has 36 members (over 10% of entire staff) and we continually assess and refine our quality programs as needed to utilize ever-changing technologies.

Product Development

Product development team offers you the knowledge and expertise to develop and formulate your products in compliance with all regulations while remaining focused on your cost requirements. Our experience with ingredients, formulations, and presentation is an invaluable tool for your business.


With the knowledge of our purchasing department, chemist, and our master formulator, we will find and recommend the ingredients that do what you need at the best price point available. Our product development specialists have extensive industry resources and the ability to locate even the rarest herbs and supplements as well as the inside track on what is up-and-coming and on the cutting edge of science. We stock over 3,000 dietary ingredients in our warehouse, providing immediate availability of a wide range of formulation options.


Product development specialists work with you to develop your product concept and transform it into the working manufacturing formula (“recipe”) that provides maximum benefits in a consumer-friendly product- taking into account units required per dose, taste, color, size and other variables. Our goal is your long-term success, which starts with a quality product that delivers genuine health-enhancing benefits to your customers.


You will receive a formal written quote based on a master formulation draft designed to meet the specific needs of your project. Our quote format is easy to read and interpret and can be customized to satisfy the regulatory requirements specific to destination countries.

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