Creating Your Own Supplement Formula

Before you have a nutritionalVitamin Manufacturer supplement formulation, you have an idea.

Perhaps you want a mouthwatering muscle-defining powder mix…

Or a lutein-based supplement for eagle eyes…

Maybe you’re looking for the simplest solution for constipation…

Or a cutting-edge anti-aging multi-vitamin…

The art of great formulation is transforming that idea into a safe, effective and marketable product.

At Vitakem, we take the time to discuss your goals with you, assess the market and clarify exactly the kind of product you’re looking to sell.

First, we make sure that our line of private label vitamins and supplements, with their reduced costs, won’t meet your criteria.

And then we move forward in honing in on your custom formulation.

Our product development team brings in a host of considerations drawing from our extensive experience as a contract supplement and vitamin manufacturer:

  • We account for consumer appeal variables like taste, color, delivery systems, dosage and other variables.
  • We’ll help you stay ahead of the game by tapping into emerging industry trends and cutting-edge research.
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming legal problems by getting solid advice on proprietary ingredients, trademarks and other legal issues linked to a formulation. If you’d like to model your product on another company’s top-selling product, our chemist can work with you to adjust the formulation appropriately. He’ll make it uniquely yours, yet still performing as well as – if not better than – the prototype.
  • If you already have a formulation, we’ll go into the finer details with you. We’ll work with our suppliers to incorporate the highest quality ingredients available within your budget in order to optimize your formula. With over 3000 ingredients in stock, many formulations can be put quickly into production. If we don’t have your ingredient on hand, our network of suppliers will help us secure it in a timely manner.
  • And with our full array of delivery systems (listed below), you can design your product the way you want down the last detail.

With all these criteria accounted for, our formulation chemist – armed with Ph.D.’s in chemistry and organic chemistry – creates a recipe. Your idea has now become a solid product formulated for success.

So tap into the formula for nutritional supplement business success. Start with our excellent supplement formulation services.

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Available delivery systems and formulation specialities:

Special formulation considerations we can apply to your formula: