Trust Is Your Secret Marketing Weapon

Trust Is Your Secret Marketing Weapon- vitamin manufacturingVitamin manufacturing is one of the growing businesses in the market, and that’s for several reasons. With an aging “Baby Boomer” population that needs to concentrate more on their health, and rising concerns about the cost of medical care in general, more and more people are interested in staying healthy, rather than paying for expensive medical treatment when something goes wrong. Vitamins are an important part of preventive health measures, but the one thing that separates one product from another is the level of trust.

Not Closely Monitored

The Food & Drug Administration, otherwise known as the FDA, is America’s regulatory “front line” in establishing the safety of things like food and medical products. However, while vitamins can be an important part of maintaining health and a proper diet, there is no government regulation in place that requires vitamins to be inspected and certified by the FDA as safe. In other words, while consumers have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that medicine with FDA approval is safe to use, no such protections are in place for supplements.

This means that while the FDA has mandated that vitamins can’t make outrageous claims, such as curing cancer, there isn’t necessarily a “stamp of approval” or other insignia that vitamin manufacturing can put on a label. Some unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of this by resorting to unsavory practices such as not using the ingredients listed on a label, or even using insufficient—or dangerously high—amounts.

Build Up Trust

By taking the time to choose vitamin manufacturing partners that are FDA compliant themselves, and use good manufacturing practices, you can establish more trust with your customers. There are many stories out there of people that have used products that ended up doing harm, rather than good.

However, if you can emphasize that your products have been created by experienced partners that know the market, as well as understand good manufacturing practices, and adhere to FDA requirements for labeling, you can use this to your advantage. Reviews from other customers are always welcome, but being able to point to certifications and other official references is a good way to differentiate yourself from other products that may not have the same trustworthy manufacturing pedigree.

Always remember that in marketing, anything that gives people more trust and confidence in your product over competitors is a good thing. People want to take vitamins to stay healthy, not get sick. Emphasize the safety of your product by referencing trustworthy, official channels. A vitamin manufacturing facility with notable industry standard recognition can be part of that.