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Vitakem Nutraceutical, Inc., backed by years of experience, formulates professionally designed packaging solutions. Vitakem has the ability to formulate and effect a variety of packaging design solutions for any shape and design, ranging from bottles of liquids to jars for powders. Vitakem can expeditiously provide you with ready-made, attractive packaging which include:

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  • Bottles
  • Stick Packaging
  • Blister Packaging
  • Cartons
  • Packets
  • Strip Packaging
  • Pouch Packaging
  • Single Dose Packaging
  • Multi-Dose Packaging
  • Powder Dose Packaging
  • Induction Sealing
  • Shrink Wrapping Services
  • Display Box Manufacturers
  • Folding Carton Manufacturers

The durability and attractiveness of your packaging material is invariably an important factor to take into account when choosing the appropriate packaging material and design for your product. Vitakem creates smart packaging solutions which are leak-proof, comfortable to hold and, above all, visually attractive and appealing. Your product will be associated with the appeal and durability of your packaging material. All in all, smart packaging is an essential need. Smart packaging will increase the marketability and demand for your products setting you aside and above your competition. The experienced people at Vitakem can most aptly satisfy this essential need of yours.

If you have or desire any specific Flexographic printing needs we are here to offer advanced solutions. Our full-line of Flexographic printing services can provide you almost instantly, and without recurring delays, the Flexographic printing solutions you need or desire.

Vitakem’s Packaging Design Solutions for Nutritional and Health Supplements Industry

Targeting a particular sector of consumer plays a crucial role in package design and appeal in the nutritional, wellness and healthcare industries. Simply designing product packaging without identifying the target consumer is senseless, without purpose and invariably disastrous. Vitakem staffs packaging designers with immense expertise and decades of experience under their belt in the nutrition, wellness and healthcare industry. Vitakem will most assuredly understand and appreciate your needs and requirements in developing exclusive packaging solutions/options to fit them like a glove.

If you already have packaging and wish to improve upon same Vitakem is capable of being an instant solution provider. Vitakem’s product and packaging designers are capable of performing “magic” and recreating artwork in an exclusively enhanced manner. Vitakem’s design experts, aside from revising and enhancing existing designs, create unique designs for new product lines. Vitakem will always instill in you great pride satisfaction the package designs we provide you.

At Vitakem we think, we create. All our designs are original and created by in house graphic designers. Vitakem provides your products a handsome, appealing opportunity to be marketable in augmenting your level of profitability. Vitakem guarantee you will feel proud you chose Vitakem for your package design needs.

For more information on our packaging design solutions, just give us a call at: (800) 233-2112

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