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Liquid-Filled Capsules

Vitakem is proud to announce that we are now able to manufacture liquid-filled capsules. Further, you can trust us to keep modernizing our facilities and processes for you, so you can continue to offer innovative vitamin and supplement formulations to private label consumers.

Liquid Filled Capsules

What Are Liquid-Filled Capsules?

Liquid-filled capsules allow supplement companies to manufacture complex formulations that would otherwise be undeliverable in regular capsule or tablet forms. Vitakem produces two-piece capsules, which we can fill with any liquid ingredient for nutritional supplements.

With the advanced technology used in manufacturing liquid-filled capsules, Vitakem can innovate existing formulations for improved health benefits. We also offer a wide variety of banding and capsule color options.

Are Liquid-Filled Capsules More Expensive To Manufacture?

The cost of manufacturing liquid-filled capsules depend on the raw materials necessary to complete a product. We encourage you to contact us to ask for a free quote for specific formulations.

Dietary supplements, vitamins, and formulations with herbal extracts are all great in liquid-filled capsule forms. You may want to start reviewing your existing products and top sellers now. See what you can offer in a new form in the market.

Are Liquid-Filled Capsules Available Now At Vitakem?

Liquid-filled capsulesYou can choose from Vitakem’s stock products and let us know if you want to private label similar formulations in liquid-filled capsules. Some of our most popular weight loss supplements with liquid ingredients are Raspberry Ketone Complex and Super Fat Burner.

Please note that we require longer than normal lead times for the production of liquid fills. Since this is a newer technology for Vitakem, kindly consider the additional time we need. For custom formulations, we will let you know right away the amount of time we would need to manufacture your new product.

Why Choose Vitakem Nutraceutical Company?

Vitakem aims to provide quality support and innovative services that other manufacturing companies cannot offer. Further, we believe the best supplement tablet manufacturers provide you with sensible services at a reasonable cost. In fact, we even assign one sales executive to each webpreneur and online shop owner to avoid delays in communication, delivery, and troubleshooting.

With Vitakem, your business will have a state-of-the-art cGMP laboratory spanning 3,000-square-feet. We can assure you that we use only the best technologies for testing ingredients and monitoring product quality. We also use advanced equipment to produce 25 million capsules and 30 million tablets daily.

There may be a lot of tablet manufacturers that can deliver the products that you want. However, Vitakem is among the few outstanding supplement manufacturing companies that can deliver your private label orders for drop shipping or Amazon.

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Partner With Vitakem To Offer Private Label Liquid-Filled Capsules

Contact us at Vitakem to get more information on our liquid-filled capsule manufacturing processes. You may also use this form to get a free quote. You can also reach our product development team at 800-233-2112.

Vitakem is here to help you build and grow your own supplements company. We look forward to hearing from you.

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