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best protein powder supplements manufacturerProtein manufacturing is one of the most demanded supplement manufacturing services because of the popularity of high protein diets.  Is your company in need of its own private label protein powder to meet this demand?

If so, Vitakem are protein powder manufacturers that can help you develop a private label protein product quickly and to your exact specifications. Because we only use high-quality protein sources as part of our whey protein manufacturer services, you can rest assured that you customers will be getting a top of the line product.

An Overview of Our Protein Manufacturer Services

  • We handle everything under one roof. From label design, product formulating, testing, manufacturing, and packaging to shipping. We are protein powder manufacturers that can handle every aspect.
  • Our ingredient sourcing experience gets your company the highest quality protein powders at the most affordable prices.
  • Our FDA labeling expertise helps you avoid potential complaints or fines against your private label protein powder.
  • We have stock formulations available or customers can customize their protein product to their exact specifications.
  • We get your product in the hands of customers fast as well as keep your product supply flowing.
  • We only use GMP contract manufacturing to ensure your product is safe and complies with all regulations.

Using Vitakem as your company’s protein manufacturer will help ensure that customers not only have a quality private label protein powder from your brand, but also will keep them coming back for more.

Contact us today for a free protein manufacturing quote or to learn more about why we should be your whey protein manufacturers.

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