Chewable Supplements Are For More Than Kids

Chewable Supplements Are For More Than KidsVitamins have always been a valuable “health assist” for people to get the vitamins and minerals they need in their bodies that their regular diet not always provide in adequate amounts. However, for some people, the typical pill or capsule for a vitamin isn’t the best way to get these nutritional supplements. Pills and capsules can sometimes be large, and if an adult or child has to take a lot of them, swallowing such large items—often combined with the poor taste—can be unpleasant. Sometimes, especially in the case of children, it can be off-putting enough to cause people to avoid taking their vitamins.

One solution to this is chewable supplements. And while this has typically been regarded as a “cheat” for kids, just about everyone benefits from this choice.

The Benefits

Taste and size are the biggest “cons” of standard vitamin supplements that are meant to be swallowed a whole. The reason is that the standard tablet is vitamins and minerals pressurized into a compact form. However, pills and tablets rarely take flavor into account, which is why they taste terrible when people try to chew them, rather than swallow them in one go, then wash it down with water.

Chewable supplements, on the other hand, are designed to be physically broken down by the mechanical action of teeth chewing. It’s not just a pleasant side-effect, it’s recommended that chewable supplements be broken down in the mouth before being swallowed, to aid digestion.

Everyone Can Eat Them

Children, of course, are a popular choice for chewable supplements because their smaller mouth often means standard sized vitamins are large and uncomfortable to swallow. A child’s reaction to food without pleasant flavors also tends to mean that children are less willing to take pills. Chewable vitamins are a great alternative that can get children to more readily take vitamins daily and start getting the nutritional benefits.

However, adults of all ages can also benefit. Seniors, for example, who may need to take many vitamins and other supplements over the course of a day can get tired or bored of yet another pill followed by a glass of water. Chewable vitamins give senior citizens a bit more variety and can be taken with food, which makes them easier to ingest.

If you think that chewable supplements might be a product you’re interested in selling contact an experienced chewable supplements manufacturer to find out how you can get started developing such products.