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In many parts of the world, when it comes to nutritional supplements, nothing sells them better than a label reading, “Made in the U.S.A.”

For many countries, the manufacturing standards used by the U.S. nutritional supplement industry has created strong consumer confidence. And with the recent implementation of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) good manufacturing practices (GMPs), this consumer confidence has only grown in strength.

The “Made in the U.S.A.” selling point is so appealing that you can sell a bottle of probiotics manufactured in the U.S. for 5-6 times the price you can charge with a domestically-manufactured bottle.

For this reason, we have clients who use our supplement manufacturer services from all over the world … Bolvia, Canada, Chile, China, Korea, Czech Republic, Guyana, Italy, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Uruguay, Turkey … the list goes on.

They use Vitakem’s contract vitamin manufacturer services because they know not only will they get the “Made in the U.S.A.” appeal, but they also get:

  • Customer service unmatched by other vitamin manufacturers. Once you contract with us, you get an account executive assigned to you. This means you only have one person to call if you have questions. And, in turn, your account executive is responsible for keeping track of your production run from start to finish and communicating with you as needed. No waiting for phone calls to be returned, no emails that never get replies.
  • Pro-active quality control. Our quality assurance officers schedule preemptive internal audits to ensure that we are doing everything we can to maintain production quality and meet federally-mandated GMPs.
  • Full-service manufacturing from start to finish. From formulation to label design to custom packaging to fulfillment … we offer all the services you need to get your product to market. We can even recommend a shipper for overseas shipping. You just have to focus on the marketing.
  • An extensive range of high quality, top-selling private label vitamins and supplements to choose from. A significant number of our clients use private label products to get their business started or to build out their product lines. They know they can count on our private label formulations to deliver customer satisfaction at a very low cost.

But probably one of the most important services we offer to our international partners is this…

We Make Importing Supplements Into Your Country Easy

If there is specific documentation you need from us – heavy metal testing, microbe testing, stability analysis, etc. – it’s our job to get the documentation for you. We take the time with all of our clients to make sure the production-side of your business goes smoothly. And working with you to clear import hurdles is just part of our job.

So if you’d like to use a U.S.-based manufacturer for your supplement business to boost consumer confidence… And you’d like to avoid many of the difficulties of contract manufacturing and importing your products…

Contact our sales team. We look forward to making your manufacturing experience as easy as possible and helping your supplement export business grow.

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