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For bulk or custom-formulated orders, we are capable of manufacturing supplement orders of any size. We run small orders of as little as 500 bottles for our stock private label vitamins and supplements.

Absolutely not. Each quote includes all set up fees for our supplement manufacturer services. There are no hidden fees.

We design labels that meet international standards at a cost of $65 per hour. We can also print your labels. Printing labels includes a one-time plate fee of $50/plate, with a separate plate for each color in the label. Please note that this fee is subject to change, depending on the service fee charged by […]

We prefer to work with artwork saved as Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files along with all the respective fonts. However, we can also work with .pdf, .eps, and .tif files, if you cannot provide files in the .ai format. Please make sure all files are set to 300 dpi or better. If we receive files lower […]

Yes, we have a full, professional design shop here. Better yet, our designers are among the few in the industry that are trained in FDA labeling requirements. If you already have labels, you may want to check out our FREE FDA-compliant labeling evaluation service.

Indeed we do, you can get your product manufactured, labeled and packaged with us, from start to finish. We can help you design your packaging and manufacturer the custom packaging for you as well.

We meet all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) as required by the FDA. Furthermore we offer a free FDA-labeling evaluation service to help you verify that your labeling is also FDA-compliant.

Yes, we have an FDA cGMP-certified supplement manufacturer facility. The good manufacturing practices (GMPs) we adhere to meet both World Health Organization (WHO) and European Union (EU) requirements as well.

Yes, we can store your products in our warehouse and ship them according to your direction. For use of our storage facilities and drop ship program we charge a fee according to the extent of the services provided. This fee is separate from the shipping charges for which we bill you monthly according to use. […]

Yes, we do and we can process exchanges and returns as well.

You’ll love our turnaround time. It takes 4-6 weeks for new orders and 3-4 weeks for reorders.

No. You can formulate your product with the help of our top-notch chemists. They bring years of industry experience to developing the perfect product for your business. To avoid the expense of stability testing, however, we highly recommend you consider our stock formulation options for private label vitamins and supplements.

Yes. We have an extensive network of ingredient suppliers. We will work with them to help you source the most cost-effective ingredients required for your formulation.

Yes we do. In fact, we highly recommend this as one of the most cost-effective ways to either start a nutrition business or expand your product line. Choose from among our 200 different private label vitamins and supplements in stock. Each is formulated for marketability and customer satisfaction.

When you’ve got questions about anything concerning your account – including the status of your production run – you only need to contact one person: your account executive. To make things easier for you, we assign one person to each account as your point person. They will help you with any questions or concerns that […]