What to Know about Phosphatidyl Serine Supplements

Phosphatidyl Serine SupplementPhosphatidyl Serine, or PS, is a component of cell membranes that is usually kept by flippase, an enzyme in the body. Through cellular processes, this substance is exposed in the surface of cells, giving it the chance to offer a various means of health support. In cases where the body isn’t getting proper nutrition, it may be important for supplementation to occur. PS supplements can provide as many health benefits as the naturally-occurring form of the element itself.

Some of the health benefits and relationships that the body has to PS supplements include things like:

-Memory and brain health. Studies have been done and many companies actually sell this supplement for this reason. The FDA offers a ‘qualified health claim’ on the supplement, which basically means that it may reduce certain risks of mental issues.

-Sports nutrition. This unique substance has been shown to help with muscle recovery, prevention of soreness, and improvement of overall wellbeing. It helps promote healthy hormonal balances and can also help reduce mental stress related to sporting events and sports participation.

-ADHD in children. Although studies are relatively new, information does suggest that the addition of this element could support positive responses to ADHD symptoms in children. Studies are ongoing.

There are a lot of different indications of PS supplements in various areas of health, so you will have to figure out what it can do for you. Even though natural supplements are always the better option, they aren’t guaranteed to be 100% safe for everyone. Talk to your doctor about this substance and whether it can provide you with health benefits without risks. That way, you can get the right supplements for your health needs. Mostly used for mental focus and brain health, this supplement has a lot to offer those who choose it.