What Is Royal Jelly?

Natural Supplements

Royal jelly is a secretion that is produced by worker bees. It is used to nurture and feed the queen bee of a hive. This secretion has a milk-like consistency and its health benefits are realized when a person looks at the nutrients that are held inside. Although it may vary depending on where the bees live, royal jelly is typically made up of 60-70% water, 12-15% assorted proteins, 10-16% sugar, 6% healthy fats, and 3% vitamins, assorted amino acids, and salt, all of which are nutrients that a human body needs to live in a healthy fashion. Royal jelly is used around the world to treat a number of different ailments from allergies to stomach trouble, and this nutrient-packed natural substance is easy to obtain.

Royal jellyRoyal jelly has an incredible amount of different uses, but these are not limited to treating ailments alone. Many people ingest royal jelly to combat the signs of aging and build a stronger immune system, as the assorted proteins and amino acids help to aid in cell regeneration and regrowth throughout the entire body. For its benefits to the skin, such as anti-aging benefits, royal jelly can either be ingested or applied topically to soak into the pores and provide skin cells with much-needed nutrition.

Royal jelly can come in tablet, cream, and other varieties, and no matter how a person decides to use royal jelly they can benefit from its nutritional properties. Royal jelly is full of nutrients and substances that the human body needs to function well on a day to day basis, and the benefits it brings can be easy to see whether a person considers themselves to be in an optimal healthy condition or if they may be suffering from some type of ailment.