Vitamin D Supplements: An Essential Part Of Your Product Line

Vitamin D Benefits

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Vitamin D deficiency is extremely common in the United States. In fact, the CDC estimates around 3 million people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency every year. One of the best ways to combat this issue is by taking a vitamin D supplement. If you are considering creating your own line of private label nutraceuticals, you should definitely consider adding a vitamin D supplement to your line and helping educate people about the importance of this nutrient.

The Health Benefits Of Vitamin D


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient that supports many of your body’s natural functions. Some of the primary health benefits of a diet rich in vitamin D include:

● Immune support and reduced risk of influenza
● Anticarcinogenic properties and cancer prevention
● Insulin production in the pancreas and reduced risk of diabetes
● Regulates blood pressure and reduces the risks of hypertension
● Maintains the health of bones and teeth by regulating calcium reducing the risk of bose loss and fractures
● Supports cardiovascular health
● Helps hormone production and balance
● Reduces the risk of pulmonary disease
● Fights against depression and common mood disorders
● Contributes to skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism
● Supports the digestion and use of key minerals like phosphorous and magnesi

These health benefits cannot be understated, especially when considering the risks associated with a deficiency.
Health Risks Of A Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D deficiency is linked to a number of acute and chronic illnesses. A deficiency can put an individual at great risk for:

● Dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease
● Various types of cancer including prostate cancer, lymphoma, and breast cancer
● Cardiovascular disease and related illnesses like atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke
Psoriatic arthritis
● Autoimmune disease and infections


How To Include Vitamin D In Your Private Label Nutraceuticals


With so many health risks from deficiency, it is important to include a source of vitamin D in your comprehensive private label nutraceutical line. Vitakem has a few options to help. First, we have dedicated vitamin D supplements in a variety of dosages ranging from 1500 – 10,000 IU. We also offer a popular and delicious gummy version of vitamin D supplements. We also offer vitamin D in our daily packs and Life’s Vitality multivitamin option.

Including vitamin D in your private label nutraceuticals line will help ensure you are supporting the whole health of your customers. You will also be helping the massive vitamin D deficiency in our population. Call one of our representatives at Vitakem to discuss the best way to incorporate Vitamin D into your line.