The Ancient And Reliable Green Tea Extract

Private Label Green Tea

Everyone is looking for the new fad in dieting. Everyone wants the new pill or supplement that will make the fat pour off the body without any extra effort or side effects. There is one supplement out there that does this for you, but it is far from new. Everything we know about nutrition has been known for thousands of years when it comes to this magical supplement. It is relatively inexpensive, healthy and comes with no adverse side effects. It is green tea extract.

private label green tea One of the dangerous side effects of most weight loss supplements is their ability to raise the resting heart rate. The idea was that if your heart was excited and beating fast, then your body was working overtime in a resting state. This burned more calories throughout the day. But the increase in heart rate has proven fatal in some cases.

Green tea extract puts the body into overdrive when it comes to burning calories. And it does this without raising the heart rate. The body calmly goes into thermogenesis and burns fat throughout the day without any extra effort on your part.

Green tea extract comes with a variety of positive health benefits as well as weight loss. They include:

• Green tea attacks and destroys plaque in your mouth. This helps to prevent yellowing of teeth and tooth decay.

• The specific antioxidants found in green tea extract have been scientifically proven to prevent certain forms of cancer. Cancer rates are also very low in parts of the world where green tea is consumed heavily.

• Green tea lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood, cleans out arteries and helps them to remain elastic. This may prevent heart disease.

• The extract is a natural anti-inflammatory, which helps with minor aches, joint pains and arthritis.