Take Care With Label Design Revisions

Label Design RevisionsIt’s all well and good to devote a lot of thought to the design of the packaging and labeling that will go on your private label vitamin. After all, if you’re willing to give that much thinking, time and planning to your label, it means that you’re fully aware of just how important this aspect of branding can be in establishing your compa-ny identity. But it’s important to remember that while you are in the planning and conceptualization phase, even here, it is important to exercise thriftiness. A private vitamin label getting the right “look” is crucial to branding, but it’s not something you can assume you will have unlimited time, money or access to talent for.


Supplement Labels Are Not As Easy As You Think


People often make the mistake of thinking that because so many types of work have migrated to computers, this means that work is easier and that much more time and creativity is available in the planning stage for final-izing things like logos and corporate branding. However, this is only true up to a point.

Digital technology obviously has improved some aspects of the creative process, even in areas like the design of a private label vitamin. Taking graphic design off the canvas or sketch board and into the realm of comput-ers has meant that correcting mistakes is much faster, and, more importantly, preserving and sharing the final work is much safer, faster and easier.

But when it comes to creating the work, and making suggestions to change certain aspects of a design, this can still be a very labor-intensive, time-consuming task. In the same way that deciding to remove a character from a scene in a movie may mean having to reshoot the entire scene, re-edit the new scene, and perhaps even adjust the music, the same sometimes holds true for designs, especially if they are already approved and final-ized.

Asking to remove or add something may be a minor alteration, or it may involve going back several “steps” in the creation process and in order to accommodate the change, might even require restarting the work over again. This is why when we offer our label design services we extend respect not just to our clients who want a vitamin private label, but the creatives that do the “heavy lifting” of actually taking ideas and suggestions for label and packaging designs, and turn them into a reality. We allow for some changes, “free of charge,” but will inform any client that a major change will require an additional cost.