Pomegranate Extract For A Healthy Heart And Diet

Pomegranate Benefits

The pomegranate is not new to planet earth. The fruit has been around for ages and its health benefits have been touted by many ancient cultures, especially the Egyptians. The fruit is rather expensive, quite a bit of work to get open and the payoff in each fruit is miniscule. Each pomegranate contains only a handful sweet, juicy seeds.

Pomegranate Benefits

But there is good news. Most of the health benefits of the pomegranate are found not in the fruit, but in the leaves, stem and husk. This means that a supplement company can take the rest of the fruit and extract the health benefits and concentrate them down into a potent pill. This little pill packs a massive punch when it comes to heart health and weight loss.

Heart Health

Hardening of the arteries is a serious condition. And with all the processed foods out there, it is no wonder that heart disease is a major killer. But the major enzyme within pomegranate extract has been scientifically proven to help prevent the hardening of the arteries. This enzyme, known as POM1, is found in abundance in the stem, leaves and husk of the fruit. And it all goes right into the extract supplement.

Weight Loss

Most people don’t know that dieting can actually lead to obesity. If you do not get enough vital nutrition during your diet, your body can become insulin resistant and that can lead to diet-induced obesity. It is a pretty crazy idea. But the Punicic acid (PUA) found in pomegranate extract actually helps to stop this insulin resistance. Essentially, pomegranate extract can help you reach your weight loss goals in a very healthy manner.

Since the extract does not use the fruit itself, you save on the cost. It is a win for your heart, belly fat and your wallet.