Oregano Is Great For The Immune System

Oregano Benefits

Oregano is one of the most common spices many people cook with every day. In addition to being used as a flavoring, it can also be used as a garnish or added directly to a salad. Some people even use oregano as part of “green smoothies” to enhance their vegetable intake.

Oregano is also beginning to emerge as a natural way to complement treatment for many kinds of illnesses. It increases the flow of bile in the body, allowing digestion to take place more easily. It can also reduce muscle spasms.

Oregano BenefitsLet’s explore more about the health uses of oregano: Immune System And Digestion

Oregano can support the body’s immune system in a variety of ways. Although most people think of the white blood cells when they think of the immune system, much of a healthy person’s immune defense actually takes place in the intestines.

Oregano’s role in the intestinal tract makes it a key ally of the body’s natural response against a variety of invaders. These not only include the most common viruses and bacteria, but also fungi and various parasites.

Respiratory Tract Issues

Oregano can temporarily reduce coughing, so it has frequently been used to support respiratory tract health. Some of the common ailments that oregano may affect include coughs, asthma, and bronchitis.

Oregano can be consumed directly in its plant form or developed into an essential oil. As an oil, it might also be taken by mouth; however, it gains properties that make it valuable as a topical ointment as well. It can be used directly on some insect and arachnid bites, and also repels many insects.

Whether one is healthy or suffering from some health complaint, oregano can be one tool in the quest for complete health. It is even beginning to appear as one ingredient in more and more oral medications.