Keep Kids Healthy During Cold And Flu Season

Keep Kids Healthy During Cold And Flu SeasonIf there’s one thing that parents want this winter, it’s to keep their kids healthy. This can be difficult to do when germs fly around schools and social settings like wildfire. You might not be able to avoid every single sniffle this year, but there are many ways to help prevent kids from coming down with a virus every other week.

The Best Protection

Before we talk about ways to bolster your child’s immune system with vitamins and minerals, it should be noted that the best protection against illness is hand washing. Use soap and water and wash for at least 20 seconds; rinse and dry thoroughly.

Having said that, it’s important to understand how private label vitamins can play a major role in building a child’s immune system. The better a child’s immune system is, the better they’ll be able to fight off the infections that come their way. It’s their first line of defense against the nasty germs out there.

Much Needed Vitamins And Supplements

• Probiotics. There are millions of microbes in the gut, and this is where the immune building begins. Supporting the health of the microbes in the gut with a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and probiotics will help make your child stronger when it comes to fighting off bacteria and viruses.
• Vitamin D. This is important for fighting off colds and flu, but can be difficult to get in areas that have little sunshine. The American Academy Pediatrics recommends at least 400 IU of vitamin D a day, beginning in infancy.
• Vitamin C. A natural immunity booster, vitamin C helps fight off sickness and shortens the length of colds if your child does catch one. Try chewable tablets with a pleasant orange or cherry flavor.
Vitamin E. It strengthens the immune system and keeps blood vessels clear and flowing well.
• Zinc. A little goes a long way toward cold and flu protection and lessening the effects of cold and flu.
• Extra virgin coconut oil. A natural antibacterial, many Moms swear by its effectiveness to ward off cold and flu at first dose.

Most of these vitamins and mineral can be found in a standard multivitamin supplement for kids. As always, speak to your pediatrician before using private label vitamins or supplements.

Private label vitamin manufacturers can benefit from offering a wide variety of children’s vitamins and minerals in gummy form.