How Raw Green Coffee Bean Extract Makes You Lose Weight

Coffee For Weight Loss

Health food nuts know what happens to fresh fruits and vegetables when you cook them. You lose some of the vital micronutrients when the food is heated to a certain degree. You also runs the risk of contaminating the food when you cook with certain metals. Essentially, you get the best nutrition when the fruits and vegetables that you eat are in their raw form.

caffeine supplementsThat is why Green Coffee Bean Extract is a supplement that really works. The green coffee bean has not yet been roasted. The bean is in its original, raw state. And that means the fruit is packed with all of the original micronutrients that your body desires. The main ingredient in green coffee bean extract is Chlorogenic Acid. It is this acid that gives the supplement its benefits and it is this acid that is lost when you roast a coffee bean for your morning cup.

Chlorogenic acid is your best friend, especially if you are trying to lose weight. It goes right to the pancreas and slows down the production of insulin. Insulin is a sugar tamer. It regulates the amount of sugar in your blood, but it also does something else. It tells your body to store fat. If you slow down your body’s production of insulin, you tell your body to burn fat. It is that simple.

When you take the green coffee bean extract about 30 minutes before each of your day’s three meals, your body burns the calories that you consume instead of storing them. This means you can simply take this supplement, make no additional changes to your lifestyle and still lose weight. But it really kicks into overdrive when you take the supplement, eat healthy and start a workout program. You can use it solely to lose weight or to boost your other weight loss efforts.