Cider Vinegar Supplement Stands The Test Of Time

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

There are plenty of fad supplements out there on the market. In fact, companies can flood the market with any kind of supplement they want. Only after getting to the market does the FDA test the validity of the supplement. New supplements are not likely to have been tested by the government yet, so they can claim anything. A company can literally fill a capsule with a placebo substance, advertise its health benefits and sell it without restriction. So it is best to trust those tried and true supplements that you know will work. The ones that have stood the test of time, like Cider Vinegar.

Cider Vinegar

Cider vinegar has been around a long time and its positive benefits have been well documented. This is no snake oil. It is full of powerful nutrients that your body uses to perform a variety of beneficial actions. These well-documented benefits include:

1. Cider vinegar boosts the metabolism and speeds up weight loss by nearly two-fold. It does this all without raising the heart rate artificially.

2. Cider vinegar lowers blood cholesterol. It decreases levels of triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

3. The supplement helps to regulate your blood sugar. This is essentially for having proper energy throughout the day and it aids in weight loss efforts. When your blood sugar gets out of whack, you get irritable and your body retains body fat.

4. The electrolytes found in the supplement help to relieve cramped muscles. You recover from workouts faster and experience less pain in the muscles.

5. The supplement relieves symptoms of diarrhea by flooding your digestive tract with clumping fibrous matter, making you “regular” in a good way.

6. Cider vinegar works just as well as antacids in relieving heart burn. It can be used preventatively as just as well in preventing heart burn.