Private Label Supplement Manufacturers

Private Label Supplement Manufacturers

Thanks to the ever-growing price of modern medications and treatments, related fields like alternative medicine and nutrition and vitamin supplements have been steadily growing.  High prices make patients look for cheaper solutions, and while vitamins can’t cure infections or serious illnesses directly, they can help in a preventative way by keeping people as healthy as possible.

As a growing industry, new businesses are constantly entering the nutrition supplement market and finding success.  In fact, since supplements aren’t nearly as regulated as over-the-counter and prescription medications, individuals, and companies are creating private labels, supplement formulas that carry their own brands on the label.  And that’s where Vitakem comes in:  as one of the best private label supplement manufacturers around, Vitakem can supply your business with all the supplements you need.

Expand Your Company Into Supplements

Many businesses can benefit from offering a line of private label supplements.  Just about every company that offers services related to health, fitness, or beauty will have customers and clients in the mood to buy nutrition supplements when you put them on your shelves or in the waiting area.  Gyms and physical trainers can offer protein powder and multivitamins, spas and massage parlors can stock supplements that improve skin quality and help with stress, and even hair salons can offer vitamins that target good hair growth.

But pill-making equipment is expensive and takes up a lot of space, and if you’re a small business or a startup then that’s a risky investment for making a gamble by expanding into a new market.  That’s why private label supplement manufacturers like Vitakem exist:  our facilities can produce millions of pills, capsules, and more every year.  By subcontracting to us, you can take advantage of our advanced equipment and well-trained employees, plus we’re fully compliant with FDA regulations and good manufacturing processes so you won’t have to worry about official inspections.

Customize Every Aspect Of Your Private Label

Even among private label supplement manufacturers, we at Vitakem give our clients an unmatched degree of control over their product.  Whether you need basic vitamins to fill shelves or you have a personally developed formula you’re dying to mass-produce, Vitakem is the first and last company you need to visit to make your private label happen.

At our facility, we have the ability to make basic tablets and capsules along with protein powders and vitamin gummies.  You also get your choice of colors and you can either pick one of our ready-to-go formulas or work with our staff to create something new.  Once your supplements are ready, we’ll pack them in bottles, jars, blister packs, boxes, and more.

As for the label, we offer our clients a range of services so you can give us your ready-made labels, add your company logo to a label of our design, or let our design experts handle everything for you.  In all cases, we’ll make sure your labels follow FDA regulations before we start printing them on your products.

Enter New Markets

Not only do we have the facilities and staff to create your private label supplements from start to finish, we can also handle the shipping process in several different ways.  Online-only companies will appreciate our drop shipping program:  for a monthly fee, we’ll fill each order and send them directly to your customers as you relay the information to us.  We also have a partnership with Amazon that lets you stock your products in their warehouses which gets you that valuable “fulfillment by Amazon” notice on their website.

We also serve overseas clients and American companies that want to expand their reach outside the country.  That means we’re familiar with the import regulations of most major nations and our factory meets their supplement standards, too.  If you want to take your supplements international, then Vitakem is your best bet of all the private label supplement manufacturers.

The nutritional supplement market is steadily growing, and there are no signs that growth will stop anytime soon.  So if you want to start your own private label, either to begin an independent company or to supplement your existing business, then now is a great time try.  And when you look at your options for private label supplement manufacturers, take a look at what Vitakem can do for you.