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Finally, A Private Label Supplement Manufacturer That Works For You!   “Start with our New 144 bottle minimum on over 200 stock products”  Turnaround time 7-14 business days!

Are you ready to launch your very own supplement business? Or are you looking to go to the next level with your existing business?  Either way, we are here to help you!

Founded in 2003, Vitakem is an established vitamin & supplement manufacturing source with a track record of proven success.  Your business goals are our business goals.  That’s why we focus on providing high quality supplement manufacturing at competitive prices with unsurpassed service and support.  Your long-term goal is to grow into a thriving supplement company, and our long-term goal is to be there with you every step of the way.

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When it’s time to choose a private label supplement manufacturer, customer support should be your top priority.  That’s why we provide dedicated Account Executives to support you and help you get anything you need during your production process.

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You’re a unique company with a unique vision.  Where many other vitamin and supplement providers only prove “one size fits all” service and experience, our approach is to embrace the differences between our clients.  We understand that your needs are different and constantly changing.  We will accommodate you at every stage of your business development and business growth.

Whether you need 144 bottles of our private label stock formulas produced or 1,500/60ct bottles of a custom formula to start up your new business, we can customize our services and our support to fit your on-going and changing production needs.

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You need a manufacturing source that will listen, understand, and work towards your vision. 
At the end of the day, your supplement is our oversight and any recommendations throughout the process.  It’s up to you exactly which recommendations you choose to follow or adapt into your vision. Again, we’re here to make your vision a reality.

Your products are manufactured and completed in a state-of-the-art FDA registered, cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Standards) facility in the U.S.A. This is where your ingredients and your formula will be tested, monitored, and handcrafted to ensure the highest level quality possible.



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7  Things You’ll Get When You Choose Vitakem


Your Own Dedicated Support Team To Make Everything Easy

A lot goes into planning, preparing, and producing your Private Label Supplements.  You’ll be assigned to a Dedicated Account Executive who will help you stay on the right track from the very early planning stages all the way through to producing your first run of product.  Here’s our promise to you — all of your inquiries will be answered and handled within 48 hours maximum.  Lots of open and clear communication is our simple but powerful solution to helping make everything easy for you.


Your Fast Turnaround And Inventory Management Experience

Your business needs product to make sales and satisfy your ever-growing customer list.  Your customers want their products fast, and we get that.  Our average production time after each order is placed and your labels are received and approved is 4-6 weeks depending on product specifications and testing of all raw materials. To help ensure inventory availability even more, we check in regularly with you to track inventory and plan and adjust production runs accordingly. We are currently the only contract supplement manufacturer who provides this complimentary service. close


Your Formula Troubleshooting To Ensure A Winning Product

Your working with industry experts at Vitakem.  After thousands of product runs we know ingredients, delivery systems, and formulating like the back of our hand. We’ve helped eye doctors formulate eye formulas, and we’ve helped fitness experts handcraft the very best bodybuilding supplements. We also know herbal products and energy drinks. Our formulation experts can help you transform an idea to a reality, step-by-step. close


Your Supplement Startup Business Support Team

The vitamin and supplement marketplace is exciting, challenging, and robust all at the same time.  Lucky for you, the Vitakem team has your back!  We’ve worked one-on-one with dozens of startups to create special services for new, growing businesses.  You can simply try one of our existing private label formulations to get your business going without the expense of stability testing and new product creation.  You can also use our fulfillment service to save you time and frustration as well as warehousing and shipping costs. close


Your Ingredient Sourcing To Get You The Best Quality And Value

You want the very best final product, which means you need the best ingredients and formulation.  As you already know, the reality is good ingredients cost money.  You can always hunt and dig for cheaper sources and lower-cost alternatives but often that means sacrificing your high-quality standards.  We will help you find the best possible ingredients at the best possible price, every single time. close


Your FDA Compliant Label To Keep The FDA Off Your Back

You need to mitigate as much risk as possible to have long-term success in the supplement business.  Unfortunately, 70-80% of supplement manufacturers today are using poorly designed labels that are not compliant with the most current FDA regulations.  Few contract manufacturers or designers have the expertise to fix this.  Our labeling design professionals are specially trained to create labels that are FDA compliant AND attractive. Wondering if you need this service? Take advantage of our free FDA-compliant labeling evaluation service. close


Your GMP Contract Manufacturing To Keep Your Products Selling

Did you know that the FDA has a list of “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMPs) for supplement manufacturers?  Long before the FDA even created these requirements, we put our own to work. By adhering to GMPs established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU) we always ensure our partners were selling high quality, safe, and effective products that they and their customers would feel good about. When the FDA’s GMPs came into effect, we were well-prepared to meet them. Find out how Vitakem can help your business run smoothly towards success. Contact our team now. close
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