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Let us take care of the manufacturing and do the job right . . . So you can focus on the marketing and cultivate your company’s future. Find out how our headache-free contract supplement manufacturer services can help your nutrition business succeed . . . .

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7 Things You’ll Love About Manufacturing Your Nutritional Product With Vitakem


Unmatched Customer Service Makes Everything Easier

No matter how much you plan ahead, inevitably things come up. With Vitakem, you’re never left hanging. Among supplement manufacturers, Vitakem sets the industry standard for customer service. We’ll respond to your inquiries within 48 hours – max. Furthermore, the sales executive assigned to your account will stay in communication with you as they shepherd your project through from start to finish. close

Fast Turnaround And Inventory Management Support So You Won’t Keep Your Customers Or Retailers Waiting

Your business depends on getting your products into customers’ hands… Fast. On average our production time after each order is placed and customers labels are received and approved is about 4-6 weeks depending on product specifications and all testing of all raw materials pass QA. But to help ensure inventory availability even more, we check in regularly with you to track inventory and plan and adjust production runs accordingly. We are the only contract supplement manufacturer who provides this complimentary service. close

Formulation Troubleshooting To Ensure You Have A Winning Product

After thousands of product runs, we know ingredients, delivery systems and formulating inside and out. We’ve helped eye doctors formulate eye formulas and fitness experts get the max out of bodybuilding supplements. We know herbal products and energy drinks. Our formulation experts can help you move an idea to a reality, milligram by milligram. close

Special Supplement Manufacturer Services To Get Your Startup Business Off To A Great Start

Entering into this marketplace and industry can be challenging. We’ve put our experience together from working with dozens of startups to create special services for young businesses. Try one of our private label formulations to get your business going without the expense of stability testing. Use our fulfillment service to save you time and frustration as well as warehousing and shipping costs. close

Savvy Ingredient Sourcing That Gets You The Most Value And Quality

When it comes down to it, good ingredients cost money. You can certainly find cheaper sources, but 90% of the time the price reflects the quality. When you request a quote from us, the pricing will reflect the most cost-effective way to produce a high quality supplement that you can sell with confidence. close

FDA Compliant Labeling Expertise To Keep The FDA Off Your Back

70-80% of supplement manufacturers use labeling that is not compliant with FDA regulations. And few contract manufacturers or designers have the expertise to fix this. Our labeling design professionals are specially trained to create labels that are FDA compliant – and attractive. Wondering if you need this service? Take advantage of our free FDA-compliant labeling evaluation service. close

GMP Contract Manufacturing To Keep Your Products In The Marketplace And Your Customers Satisfied

Long before the FDA’s version of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) came into effect, we put our own to work. By adhering to GMPs established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Union (EU) we made sure our partners were selling high quality, safe and effective products that they and their customers would feel good about. When the FDA’s GMPs came into effect, we were well-prepared to meet them. Find out how Vitakem can help your business run smoothly towards success. Contact our sales team now. close
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