Powder Manufacturer

We, at Vitakem, take pride in being an established name in the field of contract supplement product. We are the leading supplement products provider incorporating the latest and most advanced product development processes that give you fast delivery, high quality, and consumer satisfaction. Our clients use our services to expand their product lines using our powder product manufacturing services.

Our clients have the option of placing their order directly by calling their Vitakem’s customer care representative. When our customers need custom manufacturing solutions for production of their powder supplement products, we can take the order and start working on it. We have customers who request protein powder and bodybuilding powder manufacturing on a regular basis. We offer an array of GMP-certified products and services that puts us on top in the supplements products manufacturing industry.

Private Label ManufacturerHere, at Vitakem, we take pride in producing both quality and quantity when our customers need it. The best thing for our customers, however, is that we are both affordable and expandable as their needs change and grow.

We take our powder supplements as seriously as our other production lines. Our experts ensure quality at every step of production. At Vitakem, we make sure all of our product output is 100% safe and that it matches the parameters and criteria set out by our clients.

As a premium supplement production company, we ensure that our clients get the most returns on their investments when they use our industry-leading services. Our advanced in-house production facilities incorporate leading-edge technology and safety measures that meet or beat international standards. In addition, we also use strict water and air purification procedures. Our trained and experienced technicians consistently check raw ingredients as well as finished products to guarantee purity of our clients’ products and to adhere to GMP regulations. This ensures product stability, and helps nurture product loyalty to our clients’ products.

At Vitakem, we make the quality of supplement and vitamin products using advanced technology our own tradition. Following this quality commitment, we use the fastest powder supplement manufacturing services, while making efficient use of Nitrogen-flushed and high-capacity V-blenders. Further adding to this quality feature,  hi-tech automatic powder filling lines have the ability to process up to 100,000 units every day.

Smart Packaging and Label Design Solutions

At Vitakem, we consider packaging and label design solutions an integral part of our supplement products manufacturing process. Depending on the needs and requirements of our clients, we offer a customized range of packaging options, including packets, jars, and bottles. Vitakem provides our clients with custom label design solutions that ideally go with the shape and packaging of their products. What’s more, we also offer a comprehensive range of specialized powder dose packaging solutions. Such solutions offer a good option to diversify our clients’ present product line while remaining within the framework of powder supplement products.

For more information on our powder manufacturing services, you can call us at (800) 233-2112. Alternatively, you can get a Powder Manufacturing services Request a Quote through our online forms.

You can search for entire line of supplements product options and choose the one that you want to add to your existing product line.