Love Your Pets?

You love your pets and do not want to see them sick. We, at Vitakem, use the utmost care to manufacture completely safe and healthy organic pet supplements to meet your needs. We designed our organic pet health products to keep your cats and dogs healthy and active. They also help keep you happy when you play with them. Whether you need a small quantity of Organic Pet Supplements, or need a larger amount, our advanced manufacturing machines are ready to meet your requirements.

When you let us know your manufacturing needs, we can start taking steps to fill the order within your desired turnaround time. One of the features we offer when you order your Organic Pet Supplements products through Vitakem is custom labeling design and application. That will help you to make your products attractive and saleable in the market.

private label pet supplementsWhen you order your private labeling demand for any organic pet supplement, you get quality assurance that meets international standards. You also have a good business opportunity to expand your existing product line or develop an innovative range of organic pet supplements. Moreover, when you place these new product supplements on the shelves, you will get immediate customer response for your products.

At Vitakem, you can also order your private labeling requirements to make your own brand of organic pet supplements. This helps you in branding and re-selling the product line under your name. In addition, you will enjoy the business growth. We create all the Organic Pet Supplements in our state-of-the-art GMP certified facilities. Our product specialists take extreme care and use the same level of diligence for manufacturing organic pet supplements as we use when making organic products for our human customers.

When you use the manufacturing processes at, you are at an advantage since you get high quality, fresh organic pets’ supplements to meet your market and business needs. Besides manufacturing an exclusive range of quality organic pet supplements, we, at Vitakem, also provide services to our customers for organic pet vitamins.

Do business with a professional Organic Pet Supplement Manufacturer

Organic Pet Supplements Manufacturer, with years of experience in the nutritional product manufacturing market. Backed by our hi-tech manufacturing facilities, we have the capacity to produce around a million units a day. We hire trained professionals to fill your large or small order demands. Above all, we offer you the best turnaround time and we can often complete your product order within 4 to 6 weeks.

You can get complete information on how to start your own line of organic pet supplements by calling us at: (800) 233-2112. Alternatively, you can get your free organic pet supplement Request a quote through our easy online form.