Supplements For Liver Detox And Kidney Care

supplements for liver detox

What supplements are good for the liver and kidney?

The liver and kidneys both play important roles in the body’s metabolic functions and immune system regulation. The liver filters the blood coming from the digestive tract, while the kidneys remove waste products from the blood and regulate the body’s water fluid levels. Liver also produces bile, which is needed in digestion and nutrient absorption.

Among the dietary herbal supplements, milk thistle, berries, and Noni juice are among the most popular choices for detoxing the kidneys and liver.

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Below are Vitakem’s products in this category. We can also discuss custom formulation.

Kidney Support Liver Plast
Milk Thistle Complex 450mg Noni 500mg
Pomegranate Uric Acid Formula 2
Urinary Tract Support