Cleanse and Detox

detox supplements

What are cleanse and detox supplements?

Supplements that work to cleanse and detoxify the body are quite popular among individuals who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle. Various kinds of pollution, eating processed foods, insufficient fiber, alcohol toxins and tobacco are just some of the sources of toxins in our system.

For people who are not fond of detox juices, ensuring the body has enough fiber to aid efficient elimination is a good start.

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Below are Vitakem’s products in this category. We can also discuss custom formulation.

Cape Aloe 250mg Cape Aloe 450mg
Cape Aloe Colon Care 2 Colon Complex
Colo Scrub 2 Colostrum 500mg
Drug-Free Detoxifier Flaxseed 1000mg
Herbal Lax 2 Maintenance Cleanse
Parasite Complex Psyllium 725mg
Psyllium Husk Powder 15-Day Cleanse 2
7-Day Cleanse Pack