Induction Sealing

Packaging For Nutraceuticals

The freshness of the product remains intact when it remains tamper-free and airtight. At Vitakem, we make serious efforts to keep our nutritional diet supplements free of any kind of germs or contamination. Our uniquely designed Induction Sealing provides you with a foolproof sealing solution. This allows your nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products to remain fresh for a longer duration.

At Vitakem, our Induction Sealing solutions will give your nutritional supplement products safety and your customers’ satisfaction. In case of any sort of tampering or mishandling, the seal will show it. You will immediately realize when something happens to your product integrity. Therefore, as a business owner, Induction Sealing gives you the advantage of securing your product line against any kind of tampering or seal breaking.

Resorting to professional and state-of-the-art induction sealing services of Vitakem, you will be working with a company who has earned their industry-leading reputation through years of experience in the manufacturing of nutritional products and high-end induction sealing. What’s more, when you hire us for your packaging needs, you get the safety and assurance that your nutritional supplement products will reach your chosen destination and the products will reach the customers in one piece.

What is Cap Sealing?

Cap sealing is the same as induction sealing. It is a different term used for the same process. The ultimate purpose of induction sealing, also known as cap sealing, is to seal the top portion of the container with your products stored in it. The purpose behind cap sealing is to provide secure sealing on your package and to make sure the container is airtight. This prevents the package coming lose with rough handling.

At Vitakem, we are a professional nutrient supplement manufacturing and packaging company that offers you a wide range of cap sealing solutions to meet your packaging needs. We offer packaging solutions to meet any custom needs you might have. Induction sealing and cap sealing are integral parts of our complete range of packaging services. Our packaging experts have designed these services to give you the opportunity to protect your product line.

At Vitakem, we work to understand your packaging requirements. We want to get your feedback on our services so we can help you better in the future.

Apart from offering a regular range of packaging services to our clients, we, at Vitakem, offer you an exclusive line of contract manufacturing options. What’s more, you can also use our services to fulfill your product design and label design services.

At Vitakem, you get reliable and secured induction sealing solutions customized to your requirements. For more information on our streamlined induction sealing and cap sealing solutions, Request A Quote or you can give us a call at (800) 233-2112.

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