Packaging For Health Supplements

Vitakem a leading nutraceutical company located in United States. We offer innovative packaging for health and diet supplement products. We offer packaging in different sizes and forms.

Blister packaging is a smart way to package your products and transfer them safely to the target destination. Blister packaged products look terrific on shelves. They are air tight to prevent the growth of any kind of microorganisms. In addition, blister packaging has other advantages as well. The packaging provides complete visibility. Blister packaging offers high durability, which makes it ideal for storing products. Visibility allows the customers to see the product. This helps prevent confusion that leads to selection of the wrong product.

We, at Vitakem, have a well-deserved reputation as a premier manufacturer of supplement products using high-quality standards. Not only do we use international conventions on quality, but also we test our products using stringent quality procedures. The more important step you need to take while choosing blister packaging to fulfill your packaging needs is to choose a company who has the experience and a reputation for reliability. Vitakem use three pedestals to make sure we meet our customers’ need: quality, reliability, and durability. We not only take pride in providing professional blister packaging solutions, but also offer services in the area of label designing, order fulfillment, and drop shopping.

When you need exclusive blister packaging, and need it immediately, we can help you fulfill your orders. Our blister packaging services allow your fragile, small products to remain protected against knocks and bumps that happen during transportation to retail stores.

Customized Blister Packaging Solutions

Vitakem offers custom blister packaging solutions for all kinds of products, designed in different shapes. Our custom blister packaging services carefully wrap the product from corner to corner while remaining in line with the shape so that your products remain safe during delivery. With our blister packaging solutions, you don’t need to store your products in large corrugated cartons before transferring them to your target location.

At Vitakem, our advanced packaging facility can easily produce more than a million units a day of custom blister packaging. You can order your blister packaging needs. It is a quick and easy. In addition, by placing an order through us, you can concentrate on your core business activity instead of worrying about your packaging needs.

Place your order with us and have your product delivered to your facility within few weeks. For more details about our blister packaging solutions, Request a Quote or you can always call us at (800) 233-2112.