Yohimbe: A Man’s Best Friend

Yohimbe For Men

Most men work out to feel like men. It is a thrill to feel your body get stronger and there is something primal about using your god given strength. But as a man ages, his testosterone levels start to drop. In fact, starting at the age of about 30, you lose nearly 1% of your overall testosterone per year for the rest of your life. And it is this testosterone that makes you feel alive when you work out.

yohimbe supplements for menBut there is a way to regain that thrill. There is a perfect supplement out there for men seeking to feel like men again. And it is called yohimbe.

Yohimbe works to dilate blood vessels and to increase circulation. This is good news because your body can better transport testosterone around the body. The increase in circulation actually helps with active recovery from hard workouts and it helps with sexual function.

A man’s sex organ depends on blood flow. Blood flow not only is responsible for erections, but it is also responsible for sensitivity. When engorged, a man can feel a lot more sensation to the area. Yohimbe actually boosts your ability to feel the benefits of working out while giving you more sensitive and harder erections. But that is not all.

Yohimbe stimulates the body to create a blank protein. This protein floats around the system until it gets to the testicles. This is where the body takes a hold of that protein and turns it into free testosterone. Once released back into the blood stream, that testosterone is free to boost your energy, build muscle and increase sex drive. The best part about all of this is that yohimbe synthesizes testosterone in a healthy manner, making you feel young, vibrant and potent. It really is the perfect supplement for men of any age.