What Supplement Should You Make?

What Supplement Should You Make?Choosing to go into the business of being a supplements manufacturer can be quite a sensible, profitable decision. Like other aspects of the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, supplements are an in-demand consumable product, so there will always be a need for them. To decide to become a supplements manufacturer is to decide to provide a product that people will want, or maybe even need. But how do you decide? There are so many different types of products, which ones are the ones you want to focus your efforts on?

Vitamins vs. Supplements

One way you can look at your decision is to decide whether you want to provide something that people will want or something they may actually need. Vitamins, for example, are required for a healthy lifestyle. Without appropriate levels of vitamin C in a diet, people become susceptible to diseases like scurvy, that can lead to death.

Supplements, on the other hand, boost the levels of nutrients in the body that may not necessarily be mandatory, but an increase of these nutrients can improve health or quality of life, rather than be a requirement for survival. Whey protein, for example, is not required in huge amounts by the body, but for specific goals, like building up body muscle, it’s a significant performance booster.

Age Of Market

People at different stages of their life have different needs. If you’re going to become a supplements manufacturer, you may not want to address every single age range at the beginning. Children, for example, have very different needs—and dietary habits—compared to adults, so you may need to consider something like chewable tablets as a more palatable incentive to get children to take their vitamins.

The elderly on the other hand, may not have issues with the taste or texture of supplements, but they will have very different supplementary needs from adults in their prime. There may be a much greater emphasis on calcium and iron, for example, as opposed to non-senior adults who may only need a bit of supplementary reinforcement.

Supplementary Goals

What kind of effect do you want your supplements to have? Do you want them to provide a general reinforcement of good health? Do you want to help out the more health-conscious, looking for dietary supplements? Do you want to help people who are exercising to get better performance? Talk to an experienced contract manufacturer to help answer these questions and start setting the wheels in motion to become a valued supplements manufacturer.