What Causes Vitamin Deficiency?

What Causes Vitamin Deficiency?Everybody, especially medical professionals, agree that vitamins are good for you. They provide essential nutrients that the body requires in order to operate in an optimal, healthy manner. But why is it that some people need vitamins more badly than others? There are those people that don’t need to take anything from nutraceutical manufacturers at all, while others need to order a certain minimum amount to consume on a daily basis. How does this happen? There are a few different reasons why some people experience vitamin deficiencies and others don’t.

While it may be a happy occasion, without proper care of health, pregnancy can quickly wear a woman down, especially in the area of vitamins. As an expectant mother diverts more biological resources to the healthy development of a child, this causes a drastic increase in the consumption of vitamins and other nutrients.

The need to take products from nutraceutical manufacturers, such as folic acid, for example, becomes more urgent, both to ensure the mother’s continued health, as well as that of the child. The gestation of an embryo to an infant is a demanding, “resource heavy” activity. So a higher than normal amount of nutrients are required to compensate.

Prescription Medication Side-Effects

Sometimes, the medicine that a person is required to take can have other effects besides the intended ones. People taking anti-seizure medicine, for example, may experience a drop in folate amounts. People taking some drugs for treating type-2 diabetes, may have a sharp drop in vitamin B-12 absorption. In these instances, the medicine may be necessary, but some vitamin compensation is required.

Alcohol Consumption

People who consume a lot of alcohol often experience a drop in vitamin levels. Persisting levels of alcohol in the human body interfere with the absorption of folate acid, vitamin C and others. This may require heavy dosages of supplements from nutraceutical manufacturers in order to compensate.

Poor Diet

The #1 cause of vitamin deficiencies in most first world nations is simply poor diet choices. Constantly eating “good” food like burgers, pizza, potato chips, ice cream, chocolate, candy and a variety of other extremely tasty foods often provide little in the way of nutritional value.

It’s very tough, with so many additional dietary choices available, to pick the healthy alternative, but it’s essential for good, long-lasting health. And as a business, nutraceutical manufacturing is a viable, very profitable and useful venture to invest in for entrepreneurs looking for a stable business with real health benefits for the public.