What Are Minerals?

Health Benefits Of Minerals

 What Are Minerals?

When we talk about maintaining good health, we usually start thinking about private label nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals. But while vitamins are easily understood to be things that help our health, with an alphabetic listing of A, B, C and so on, minerals are something else. Iron, after all, is something that we use to construct buildings, or cook our food in, so what’s it doing in our bodies? What exactly are minerals, and what are they doing for us when consumed as private label nutritional supplements?


Inorganic Compounds


The big difference between vitamins and minerals is that vitamins are organic substances that are usually formed from organic sources, such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. This organic nature means that they also break down chemically, and are used for different purposes in the body. Acid, heat, and even oxygen may all break down vitamins and cause a chemical reaction with them. Minerals, however, as the name implies, are inorganic.

Minerals are an inert form of private label nutritional supplements, and do not break down in the body. This usually means that we get minerals through transference. So if we get iron from some food, such as red meat, that is not because the animal itself formed iron in its body. Instead, that animal consumed some other source of food that contained iron in it, and the iron continued to circulate in the body until we ate the meat of that animal.

This is a big contrast from something like vitamin D, which we can create ourselves, simply get getting regular exposure to sunlight. Minerals must always come from an outside source.


How They Help


Minerals perform many different functions in the body. Calcium, for example, is the essential building block of strong bones, and without it, we would have severe mobility issues, and be much more prone to injury. This is why senior citizens, if they suffer from a calcium deficiency as a result of age, usually display this in more difficulty moving, as well as being more delicate and susceptible to broken bones from falls.

Iron, zinc and even potassium are other useful minerals, and if you’d like to help people to get these important private label supplements for their continued good health, then think about finding a reliable partner in manufacturing to start your business in supplying essential components to the people for continued good health.