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Stick packs have become a convenient and popular way to package and dispense dosage specific supplements within a larger bulk order. Many people are familiar with this medium when it comes to single serving drink mixes or water enhancers, but other supplemental additives can also be distributed in this manner. For retailers and consumers, this method combines the benefits of monthly supplies in daily dose forms.

healthy stick pack manufacturerWhen it comes to stick pack filling, measurement is always the utmost concern. Although regular packaging considerations such as the prevention of spoilage and maintaining the viability of the contents are also a factor, with individual dosage packs, it is also important to maintain consistency in actual product amount.

Some powdered supplements will appear as a reduced volume due to settling, but the weight of the dosage is a standard that is accurately maintained. This can include micro and macro dosages that highly require this precision.

One of the concerns that many suppliers have is the accuracy of automated stick pack filling and the uniformity of sealing techniques to prevent loss of product or product viability. The accuracy of filling can also be ensured through the combination of automation and human inspection. This type of constant monitoring helps to assure consistency and quality.

Another factor that many suppliers consider is the environment in which stick pack filling occurs. Although the contents are sealed and protected once they are in the stick pack, variations in ambient temperature and moisture levels may adversely affect product before they are individually vacuum sealed. Thus, the actual line production for stick pack filling also requires a certain amount of monitoring to ensure the quality of the contents.

This method of supplement transport does provide suppliers with an ideal way to store and market product and for consumers to have convenient access to nutritionals. By following proper protocols for handling and measurements, stick pack filling offers a practical solution to many distribution needs.