Weight Loss Supplements: Hot Commodity In Growing Market

Weight Loss Supplements

weight loss supplementsWeight loss supplements are some of the hottest-selling products right now.  The weight management industry in general is experiencing a large growth, with an estimated worth of $7.3 billion last year, and it is expected to continue to grow up to 8% within the next five years.  The products in this sector include cereals, beverages, supplements, and more.  The various products can be divided into five different categories: blocking fat absorption, regulating mood, suppressing appetite, boosting fat burning, and blocking protein breakdown.  Fat burning is the area in which supplements experienced the most growth, from 1% growth three years ago to 3% this year.

Supplements in general are increasing in popularity.  There are many different types of supplements, and weight loss supplements are only one kind.  There are supplements for all of the different vitamins that we need.  There are also supplements for essential minerals, oils, and fatty acids.  There are ones targeting desired health goals aside from weight loss and others used to treat certain ailments such as joint pain.  One of the reasons that supplements are so popular, especially in terms of the ones containing essential nutrients, is that it is hard to obtain all of the essential vitamins, minerals, oils, and fatty acids our bodies need through food, although it is possible.  However, people would have to keep track of all of the foods they eat throughout the day and how much of each essential nutrient is contained in the foods that they are eating in order to find out if they are getting their daily recommended allowances of these nutrients.  Since this can be too difficult to do for some, people rely on vitamin supplements to get all of their essential nutrients.

Another reason supplements are so popular is because many of them contain natural ingredients, and people usually prefer natural ingredients over the kinds of ingredients normally contained in prescription drugs and other medications.  This is the case for many weight loss supplements.  Many of them are advertised as all-natural products with all-natural ingredients.  This is appealing to a significant portion of the general population, so a lot of people take natural supplements over drugs to help them lose weight.

In addition, supplements in general cost a lot less than prescription medication especially.  This is mostly due to the fact that weight loss supplements can be bought over the counter.  Therefore, with the rising costs of healthcare, supplements targeting weight loss appeal to people as a cheaper alternative.