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Vitamins ManufacturingFor a long time now, medication costs have been going up.  Drugs both new and old have higher list prices than ever, and it’s causing a lot of people to search for alternatives and to prioritize preventative medicine.  After all, the best way to afford an expensive treatment is to never need it in the first place.

Good nutrition is a cornerstone of preventative medicine, which is why people buy nutritional supplements.  They also buy them to help with specific conditions or issues, like skin care, bowel health, and pain reduction.  Since supplements go through much less regulation compared to prescription drugs, and since they don’t need any patented chemicals or complex manufacturing, they come at much lower prices and are much more available, too.

All this comes together to create an opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to start a new company.  Private label supplements let you add to your product line, improve your branding, and take part in the growing vitamin supplement market.  All you need is someone to handle your vitamins manufacturing, and that’s what Vitakem offers.

Vitamins Can Improve Your Business’s Health

Vitakem’s manufacturing plant in upstate New York has the capacity to produce millions of tablets, capsules, gel caps, and gummies each year.  We support private label supplement sellers by providing the vitamins manufacturing they need, and we even offer herbal and vitamin-complex supplement formulas so that our clients can choose from dozens of options to fill out their brand.  We also take care to follow all FDA regulations and suggested manufacturing practices so that all our products have the quality our clients demand.

If you aren’t sure whether a private label would work out for your business, you should know that supplements are a good fit for all kinds of businesses connected to health, fitness, and nutrition.  If you run a spa, you could offer supplements formulated to help with skin care and stress relief.  If you own a fitness center, you might want to look at our options for protein powder and recovery time.  Even a hair salon could put branded supplements for hair and nail care on the shelves next to the shampoo and other hair products.

Customize Your Products

At Vitakem, we can handle more than just the vitamins manufacturing.  We can also help design the private label you plan on using, and we can adjust it to fit the packaging you pick out.  For a fee, our graphics designers can create a completely new label based on your instructions, and if you already have a logo designed and ready to go we can give you a discount.  If you design the label yourself, we’ll only charge a small fee as we make sure your label looks good on the package and meets all FDA regulations.

We leave it up to you to choose the formulas that work best for your business, and we offer plenty of options.  Many of our formulas meet strict standards like vegan and kosher diets, and we have formulas based around popular health foods and herbs like raspberry ketone, acai fruit, and St. John’s wort.  You can also request a completely new formula and work with our chemist to create something that can meet federal standards.

Find New Customers

Once the vitamins manufacturing is over, we ship your supplements out.  For a basic order, we can send your supplements straight to you, and we abide by international regulations so we can send our products to international clients.  However, we also have alternatives you may like better.

For instance, if you sell your supplements online, you may want to use our drop shipping program.  With this system, you send us a list of your orders every day and we manufacture the supplements as needed and send them directly to your customers.  This program comes with a monthly fee, but it may be cheaper for you than shipping them yourself and it’s definitely more convenient.  We’re also partners with Amazon, and we can ship your supplements to their warehouses and fulfill the orders they take through their website.

Vitamin supplements are a growing industry, and many businesses can boost their bottom line by selling private-label supplements by their front counter.  However, making those supplements demands specialized machines and professional chemists, and since not everyone has these things Vitakem can provide them for you.  So have a look around at our website and see how private-label vitamins manufacturing can help you.

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