Good Vitamins Manufacturing Processes

Vitamins Manufactured

Health is important to most Americans.  People are living longer now than ever before, and they’re living better thanks to modern medicine and all the important things we’ve learned about health and nutrition.

But while the fields of health and medicine have never been more advanced, in the United States they’ve never been more expensive.  The prices of new medications have made headlines and front pages over the past few years, and as a result, many people are turning to low-cost alternatives to prescription drugs like vitamins and nutrition supplements.  As a result, the market demand for supplements has never been higher, and many small businesses both new and old are creating private labels.  So if you’re looking to enter the market, consider partnering with Vitakem to have your vitamins manufactured.

Create A New Formula For Your Business

Because of the industry’s growing significance, nutritional supplements get more attention now than they did 10 years ago, but they still aren’t as regulated as drugs and you don’t need to be a licensed pharmacy to distribute them.  So if you’re a hair salon, you can put B-complex vitamin supplements that promote good hair growth on the shelf next to the shampoo and other hair care products.  If you run a local spa, you can offer bottles of cleansers and anti-aging supplements in the lobby.  Workout centers regularly stock up on weight loss formulas and protein powder.

But while you can always offer leading national brands, at your business, you can build your brand and improve your profit margins by having your own vitamins manufactured.  That’s where Vitakem comes in:  we manufacture supplement formulas of all kinds while following the good manufacturing practices (GMP) laid out by the FDA, so you can create your own private label supplements with a minimum of hassle.

Make Your Labels However You Want

When you partner with Vitakem to have your vitamins manufactured, you can decide how much of the label-making process you want to control yourself and how much you want us to do for you.

For an affordable fee, you can have our professional marketing team supply you with a few basic label templates and revise it until you have a final label design that looks good and follows FDA regulations.  If you already have artwork or a logo, we can help you turn it into a label at a discount.  And if you’ve created your own label, all we’ll do is check to make sure it looks good on the bottle with readable text and the FDA-required information.

Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

Many of our private label clients are existing businesses that want to add supplements to the products and services they offer.  However, others are individuals or partnerships who spot a need for quality supplements, start by selling to their friends and neighbors, and gradually grow their business to a national or even international scale.

No matter where you’re starting from or what scale you plan to sell on, we can get your vitamins manufactured and shipped. Our facility can manufacture 4 billion capsules and 10 billion tablets annually, and our coating machines can make those capsules and tablets any color you want, so we can handle your order no matter how big it is.

You can also make use of our drop shipping program to let us handle the shipping for your individual orders or make use of our partnership with Amazon to have them store your product, sell it on their website, and use their shipping avenues to get your supplements to your customers.

If you’d like to reach an international audience, or if your business is based outside the United States, we can still help.  Not only do we follow FDA GMP, we also understand the supplement regulations in the E.U. and other nations.  If you need extra paperwork to bring your private label products to an international market, we can help you get them, and then you can enjoy the extra confidence and profits that come with the “Made in the U.S.A.” label.

When you need vitamins manufactured for your private label or growing supplement business, you’ll find no better partner than Vitakem.  Whether you choose one of our popular pre-made formulas or create one of your own, whether you need an herbal gel cap, vegan protein, or kosher gummie vitamins, Vitakem can put your labels on your supplements so your business can grow.