Vitamin Manufacture
The price of health care rises every year, and the price of prescription drugs goes up right along with it.  It seems like every year new medications are breaking records for how much each pill costs, and even older and generic drugs see their prices go up just a little each quarter.  It’s enough to make many Americans look for other ways to treat their problems and invest in preventative care, and one way they can do both at once is by relying on nutritional supplements.

The FDA regulates vitamin pills and herbal supplements, but not to the same degree as drugs and medications.  This means more businesses can sell them in more places, including online, and since supplements have real, scientifically proven benefits, more people trust and buy supplements than buy alternative medical products.  The one problem is that manufacturing FDA-approved formulas and pills demands a lot of time and money, but if you need a subcontractor to handle vitamin manufacture, you can come to Vitakem.

Create The Perfect Business Supplement

There are plenty of health, fitness, and beauty industries out there, and all of them can stock and sell vitamin supplements that have a direct connection to their business.  For instance, a salon that styles hair and nails can stock supplements that improve hair strength and body, a spa can offer supplements for skin health and anti-aging, and a gym just doesn’t look right without some jars of protein powder by the front entrance.

There are all sorts of national brands you can put on those shelves, but the advantage of choosing Vitakem as your vitamin manufacture partner is the advantage of a private label. There’s not much difference between formulas for vitamin E supplements sold by different manufacturers, so using a private label can mean giving your customers products they understand while increasing your brand recognition and your profit per bottle.

Create The Perfect Private Label

One important benefit you get when you choose Vitakem as your vitamin manufacture partner is customization.  We offer a comprehensive list of options for our clients to choose from, and we can give you as much or as little help as you need.   If you want us to create the whole label, we can do so and then send you examples so that you get the final word.  If you have a business logo you want to add, we can put it in and give you a discount.  If you have a label ready to go, all we’ll do is make sure it looks good on the packaging and that it follows FDA regulations.

Speaking of packages, we also offer a long list of choices for pill type and packaging.  Our facility can produce hundreds of millions of tablets and capsules every year, and we can also create powders, gummies, soft gels, and chewables.  We can then package your supplements in bottles, jars, boxes with blister packs, cartons, or pouches.  Thanks to this high level of customization, we can always produce the exact product our clients demand.

Create The Perfect Customer Base

Along with the pills and labels, Vitakem also offers several stocking and delivery options for our clients.  You can always place an order and have us deliver your supplements directly to your business, but thanks to our partnership with Amazon we can also have them stock your supplements in one of their warehouses so you can list them on their site and have the “Fulfillment by Amazon” advantage.

We can also offer our vitamin manufacture services on an as-needed basis thanks to our drop shipping program.  When you sign up for this service, you can send us your list of orders and addresses as you get them and we’ll send your pills out for you.  However, we do ask for a monthly fee for this service.  Another thing we can handle is international orders:  along with FDA guidelines, we also follow the best practices required by EU regulators and those of other countries.  This means our international clients should have little trouble importing quality private label supplements.

Vitakem is a private label supplement manufacturer you can count on.  With endless levels of customization for the supplements, the labels, and the packaging, you can get exactly the supplements that fit your business.  So if you decide to add supplements to your current business or begin a new business, you can count on us to be the vitamin manufacture partner you can count on.