Vitamin B-3 Niacin Is Rapidly Becoming Indispensable In The Fight Against Cholesterol

Vitamin B-3 Niacin Is Rapidly Becoming Indispensable In The Fight Against Cholesterol


Vitamin B3, also known as niacin, is an important part of maintaining general good health. It is included in a wide range of multivitamins and supplements alongside the other B vitamins, each of which has its own contributions to offer in sustaining optimal health.

Men should strive to have niacin every day, consuming at least 16 milligrams, while women need at least 14 milligrams. Pregnant women benefit from a slightly higher dosage of 18 milligrams.

While all B vitamins are important, niacin has received a great deal of attention lately thanks to its role in treating high cholesterol. In fact, most people who take niacin supplements or niacin medication do so for this purpose.

Vitamin B3 And Cholesterol Treatment

Right now, vitamin B3 is one of the most important and effective of all treatments for high cholesterol. Higher amounts of B3 are associated with boosting HDL, the “good” cholesterol, while simultaneously reducing LDL, “bad” cholesterol.

Taken alone, the boost in good cholesterol associated with vitamin B3 can be as high as the same boost achieved when using statins and other cholesterol related drugs. However, there is some risk associated with high doses of niacin, so treatment must be supervised by a physician.

Other Benefits Of Niacin Treatments

The picture of other niacin benefits is beginning to come into focus. It is believed that niacin can play a major role in preventing the hardening of arteries. This helps reduce the risk of a first heart attack and also supports health for those who are concerned about a second one.

Niacin is currently being studied in reference to a wide range of joint, bone, skin, and eye disorders. Ultimately, it is believed that it might become part of the course of treatment for people who are at enhanced risk or in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease.