Versatile And Effective Brewer’s Yeast For Health

Brewer’s Yeast For Nerve Function And More

Brewer’s yeast is something that you may not have heard of or interacted with much in the past. However, it is a byproduct of producing one of the most common items in the world: Beer. The “brewer’s yeast” is left over during the brewing process, and can be used in preparations for many different kinds of conditions.

Brewer's Yeast Benefits Brewer’s yeast has actually been a common folk remedy for a long time. However, medical professionals have begun to uncover some of the secrets of brewer’s yeast and how it could be valuable for maintaining health in combination with conventional medicine. In fact, brewer’s yeast is also used in some medication.

There are several conditions that can benefit from brewer’s yeast:

— Upper respiratory tract disturbances, which can include cold and flu
— Diarrhea and certain other intestinal disturbances
— Swine flu
— Premenstrual Syndrome

Brewer’s yeast contains within it relatively high dosages of B vitamins and chromium. Both of these components are associated with better nerve function and have been used to treat a range of chronic issues. It’s easy to notice that brewer’s yeast itself is a very versatile ingredient.

Brewer’s yeast stimulates the growth and development of intestinal enzymes that are good for the body, so it has been used as a fast-acting response to symptoms like diarrhea. Finally, it is believed to help accelerate immune response and defense for some viral and bacterial agents.

Brewer’s Yeast And Diabetes

Because of its close association with a number of components known to help people with diabetes, a great deal of research goes into the best way to use brewer’s yeast to sustain quality of life while dealing with this condition.

Combined with its chromium content, brewer’s yeast can reduce blood glucose, which leads to better outcomes for diabetes patients. Likewise, chromium is believed to give the body tools it needs to raise its efficiency when using insulin.