Top Considerations For Packaging Your Supplements

Supplement Packaging

Supplement Packaging FactorsThe supplement industry is incredibly complex and highly competitive. Standing out is important, and from the moment you start working with a supplement manufacturer you’ll have to start making choices about what you want to provide to your customers.

It starts with things like formulas, and whether you use a standard formula from your supplement manufacturer or a custom supplement formula that you and your manufacturer design for success, you’ll have to figure out just what you’re putting on shelves.

But what about packaging? From a detox solution to an age-defying formula, the formula alone is only part of the process. You also need to consider just how you’re delivering your supplement to the public, and talking to your supplement manufacturer about the packaging is vital.


• What kind of supplements are you offering, and what will help extend the brand identity of your company and your products? For example, you could offer gummies, powders, tablets, capsules, and more. Each one could help you carve out an identity that will ensure you get noticed – become the ‘gummy weight loss company’, for example.

•  Your company has a name. It has a logo, and likely has specific colors that are aligned with its brand. As such, you need your packaging to extend those things. Each of them should be visible on the package and help your company stand out on store shelves.

• Jars, bottles, bags, blister packs, and more. These are just a few of the different types of packaging solutions you can choose from. Each one will offer your customers something different – easier access for older people, bulk packaging for those who need a lot of product, and so on.


Obviously, there are other factors to consider – formula specifics, the quantity of supplements available in each package, the potency of a supplement, and more. But the three points listed above are vital for you to review since they’ll have a huge impact on building your brand identity.

Think about each of the points above when you start designing your products. The way they look on shelves is every bit as important as how the formulas perform, and it’s important for your company to discuss these things with your supplement manufacturer and create a product that will get noticed and also help your business grow.