The Truth About Colon Cleansing

Detoxify For A Healthy Body

Private Label Nutritional SupplementsThere’s been a bit of controversy about colon cleansing. Some famous blog sites have suggested that coffee enemas are the best thing you can do to rid the body of toxins, and colonics (flushing water through the colon) have been popular among the Hollywood elite for years. Though sometimes it is necessary to flush the colon, such as before a colonoscopy or another medical procedure, it is not often advised.


Gentle Detoxification Is On The Upswing


Many doctors and specialists advise against flushing the colon with coffee, water, or any other substance. This is good news for those who work in private label nutritional supplements because gentle detoxification with a great colon cleanse starts on the inside.

As more consumers are looking for natural ways to remove toxins from the body without the use of enemas and hydro flushing of the colon, they turn to gentle products that can do the job from the inside out. Colon cleansers that come if the form of a pill, or liquid, are popular in private label nutritional supplements because people can take control of their own detoxification in the privacy of their own home without harsh or uncomfortable side-effects.


Natural Ways To Detoxify


Using gentle colon cleaning products that do not induce fast elimination of stools can help maintain the good bacteria in the gut, lower the risk of dehydration, and won’t have a person running to the bathroom every 5-minutes.

Most colon cleansers are taken daily and will eliminate the toxins over an extended period of time, such as a 15-Day Cleanse. This makes it a fantastic way for people to go about their daily routine without taking a staycation for elimination.

Several natural substances that are used for gentle colon cleansing include:


• Cape Aloe
• Psyllium
• Black Walnut
• Goldenseal Root
• Senna Leaves
• Licorice Root


Cape Aloe can be purchased and used on its own and is a gentle way to clean the toxins from the body. It can be taken daily for several months to achieve optimum colon health. Many of the other ingredients are found in combination packs mixed together to create a balanced formulation.

Good information to have if your business is in private label nutritional supplements. In a world where many people are striving to get healthy, without venturing too far out of their comfort zone, offering a variety of natural colon cleansers and gentle detoxifiers makes good business sense.