The Many Varied Health Benefits Of Yohimbe

Why Yohimbe Is Popular Supplement

Yohimbe is a plant that grows in many different regions of western Africa, and its medicinal uses have been recognized for many centuries in different cultures around the world. The bark of the Yohimbe tree is particularly beneficial as it contains a particular special alkaloid called yohimbine, which is found in a plethora of prescription medications throughout the United States which treat erectile dysfunction. However, the health benefits of Yohimbe bark are not limited to erectile dysfunction, and the alkaloid yohimbine has been found to help those trying to lose weight or suffering from depression as well.

Yohimbe benefitsIn cases of weight loss, yohimbine has been found to stimulate the release of naturally occurring norepinephrine throughout the body, thereby increasing lipolysis and allowing the body to attack fat cells throughout. This provides a natural way to assist the body in stimulating itself and increasing weight lost during a diet and workout regimen. However, it has been found that yohimbine will not aid in weight loss alone, but instead help the processes that a person goes through to lose weight and gain a healthier lifestyle.

Yohimbe bark is also used to help people with depression as the alkaloid yohimbine helps to block certain enzymes that may exasperate the disorder. Those with depression often take a Yohimbe derived supplement to increase their ability to better handle the disorder and improve their overall quality of life.

Yohimbe is best known for its sexual health benefits, however, and both men and women have found that the blood flow increase caused by the yohimbine alkaloid helps their energy level and ease of sexual arousal. Those taking other medications that often come with sexually related side effects will supplement with Yohimbe to combat the effects and maintain a healthier sex life.