The Latest Weight Loss Supplement Trends

Weight Loss Supplements

latest weight loss supplement trends

Included with a healthy diet and regular exercise, weight loss supplements can give your body the tools it needs to tackle those extra pounds. As nutritional science advances, there are always new and exciting natural weight loss supplement trends. If you are working with a supplement manufacturer on a private label weight loss line, you should stay on top of these trends. Here are some of the biggest natural weight loss supplement trends on the market right now:

MCT Oil: Better Than Coconut Oil?

In recent years, conventional wisdom about fats has been turned upside down with the discovery of the benefits of the healthy fats contained in coconut oil. Medium-chain fatty acids (MCT), like those found in coconut oil, are easily digested and produce a thermogenic effect in your body. This boosts your metabolism and helps fight the storage of fat. Supplement manufacturers have taken these one step further and created MCT oil. MCT oil is a powerful concentrate of these healthy fats and supports healthy, natural weight loss.


White Kidney Bean: Carb Blocking Power

Carbohydrate blockers are a huge trend in supplements. When taken with a meal they help reduce the body’s natural process to absorb simple carbohydrates and turn them into fat. White bean extract produces an enzyme called amylase which helps break down carbohydrates into small units that your body will not absorb. There are many weight loss benefits for the carbohydrate blocking powers of white kidney beans. It helps reduce the number of carbohydrate calories your body absorbs, reduces the accumulation of fat, especially around the stomach area, and helps ensure that your workouts are more effective.


Apple Cider Vinegar: Does It All

Who knew this pantry item would be one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market. Apple cider vinegar supports weight loss in a number of different ways. It’s a probiotic so it helps you digest your food more effectively. The pectin helps curb sugar cravings and suppresses appetite, helping you feel more full. Apple cider vinegar also helps you use protein more effectively and boosts your metabolic processes. However, drinking apple cider vinegar directly can be pretty unpleasant. At Vitakem we’ve created a capsule form so your customer can get all these benefits without the unpleasant taste.

Staying on top of these latest trends will help your weight loss supplement line stay relevant in the current market. At Vitakem supplement manufacturers, we offer all the latest weight loss trends, as well as the staples. Check out our complete line of weight loss products for your private label supplements.