The Importance Of Branding Consistency

supplement manufacturingWhen you decide to sell vitamins or other supplement manufacturing, one of the things you’ll need to seriously consider is your packaging. After all, no matter how good the quality is of your vitamins or supplements, you’ll still need something to contain the goods in, and make sure that they survive the shipping process, look attrac-tive on a retail shelf, and solidly identify your company and name when a customer looks at it. The packaging and design of the packaging accomplishes all three of these tasks.

But there’s one thing you need to pay attention to as you set about the task of creating packaging for all your supplement manufacturing products, and that’s consistency. Here’s why.


Good Branding Means Repetition


When someone goes to eat at a McDonald’s restaurant, they expect to see the “golden arches” that are so iconic to the company, and they can expect to see that whether the McDonalds is in San Francisco, Des Moines, Toronto or London. In the same way, the signature blue of Tiffany’s is something that everyone recog-nizes and expects to see, regardless of whether it’s a visit to the flagship store in New York City, or the latest branch in Tokyo.

By repeating certain design elements and colors, that constant repetition and consistency fulfills one important task. It makes it easier for customers to remember the company through the repetitive association with the brand. Imagine trying to find your favorite restaurant without consulting its location online, and only going by the exterior design. If every restaurant in the franchise had a different look and feel from the others, it would make it much more difficult to identify, remember and share with others.

The same applies to your packaging. You must pick a color scheme and other design elements that you are happy with, that translate across a broad range of mediums, whether that is the package on the shelf, or even your own company website. Once established, you must be consistent and repetitious with applying it, in order to create an association.

This is why if you choose to utilize our label design services, we urge you to consider our advice, and take the time to not act rashly or without deliberation on your actual packaging design. While the quality of a supplement manufacturing product will speak for itself, that message will be heard better, and remembered better with the use of good branding consistency.