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The cost of health care in America is spiraling, and even with things like the Affordable Care Act trying to help it seems like there’s no end in sight.  Prescription drug costs are going up with them, and it’s enough for many Americans to look for safe and effective alternatives.

One of the most effective alternatives out there is nutritional supplements.  Too many people don’t eat a healthy mix of food and get their daily recommended amounts of vitamins and minerals, and so a nutritional supplement can cover these needs and work as a kind of preventative care.

Supplements are also much less regulated than prescription drugs, and so many businesses can sell them without having to get a pharmacist license.  These businesses can enhance their brand by offering private label supplements at their counters, but you’ll need a solid supplement mfg center to make these tablets and capsules.  That’s where Vitakem comes into the picture.

Build A Business With Supplements

Vitakem is a supplement mfg center located in upstate New York.  Our facility has the capacity to produce millions of tablets, capsules, gel caps, powder, and gummie supplements every year.  We have a long list of popular supplement formulas, and we can also work with our customers to create new formulas that match their needs while also meeting FDA regulations.

Our customers come from all different industries, because just about every business connected to health, beauty, or fitness can benefit from offering private label supplements.  A massage parlor could offer supplements that support good skin health and lower stress, and a fitness gym can stock protein powder fortified with vitamins and minerals needed for muscle growth.  If you run a salon for hair and nails, you could put private-label supplements for hair and nail health next to your shampoo and conditioner.  You can also start a business based on selling private-label supplements on their own.

Create Your Supplements Or Leave It To Us

At Vitakem, we allow you to customize your supplement mfg experience by deciding the pill type, the packaging, and the label design.  If you bring us a complete label design, we’ll make sure it looks good on the box or bottle you chose and that it meets FDA requirements for label information.  If you have a business with a logo, you can send us the logo and our graphics designers will incorporate it into the designs we create for you.  We can also create complete labels and run them by you for approval.

 As for the formulas, our long list of stock formulas includes options that target certain needs like good hair, prostate support, and heart health.  Other supplements include popular ingredients like St. John’s wort, raspberry ketone, and acai.  We also have formulas that meet certain dietary restrictions like veganism and kosher.  And if we don’t have what you’re looking for, you can work with our chemists to create a completely new formula.

Reach An International Customer Base

Not only do we allow our customers to customize their supplements, we also allow them to customize their shipping and storage systems.  While we can ship your supplements directly to you as you order them, we can also make them on demand with our drop shipping program.  When you sign up for drop shipping, you can have us store your supplements at our supplement mfg center and ship them directly to your customers wherever they happen to be.

Vitakem is also partners with Amazon, so we can send your private-label supplements to one of their distribution centers so you can sell your products on their website and have that important “fulfillment by Amazon” label.  We can ship internationally and we follow E.U. and other national regulations, so if you’re an overseas customer you can safely import our products and sell them locally.

A lot of businesses can benefit from selling private-label nutritional supplements, but not every business has the time or the machines they need to manufacture their own pills.  At Vitakem, we offer the supplement mfg base you need to offer private-label supplements on their own or as a supplement to your business, so take a look at the services we offer and decide for yourself whether vitamin pills and protein powder can enhance your business.

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