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Supplement Manufacturers

Health care costs keep going up every year, and there’s no real end in sight.  Prescription drug prices have risen with them, and recent years have seen some infamous examples of new drugs coming out with high prices or older drugs slowly going up in cost every year.  It’s enough to make many people look around for alternatives, and that’s why supplement manufacturers have been a growing industry for well over a decade.

Businesses of all kinds are discovering that supplements can enhance their brand and give them a great source of extra income.  Entrepreneurs are entering the market by creating and selling their own lines of private-label supplements and marketing them online.  Normally the cost of creating your own pills, bottling them, and making sure they pass federal regulations would make entering the supplement market hard, but that’s not the case when you have Vitakem on your side.

Grow A Supplement Side Business

At Vitakem, we have the facilities and machines to produce millions of pills, capsules, gummies, and powders every single year.  We also have a chemical lab where we create the supplement formulas you can use for your private label, and if you’re interested in creating something new this is where we’ll develop a safe but effective formula that meets your needs.

If you’re wondering why you should bother, there are plenty of industries whose businesses could benefit by partnering with supplement manufacturers.  A spa or a massage parlor could sell supplements for better skin and anti-aging vitamins, a hair salon could offer multivitamins that emphasize good hair, and an exercise gym could offer protein powder fortified with important minerals.  By creating and selling these supplements, you make some extra money and enhance your brand recognition by letting your customers take your business name and logo home with them.

Choose Your Customization Level

Vitakem strives to offer the best blend of custom options possible.  Whether you want full control over every step of the process or whether you want a set of pills with a private label you can start selling tomorrow, we want to be the first option you think of when you look for supplement manufacturers.

For instance, the label creation process has several option levels.  You can come to us with a complete label and everything designed just the way you want it, and all we’ll do is make sure the required information is clear and easy to read once the label is on the box, bottle, or jar you choose for the packaging.  Since you do all the heavy lifting, this method gives you the best value.  You can also come to us with your company logo and we’ll design a label to go with it.  Finally, we can design a completely new private label based on the name you give us and any design notes you offer.

As for the supplements themselves, you can choose from the formulas we offer or have us design something new based on your requirements and the limits of supplement regulations.  Some of the supplements we already offer meet some strict standards, like veganism, kosher, and organic ingredients. Even if you have an unusual need or request, we can probably make it happen.

Expand Your Reach

Something else Vitakem can do for you is offer our distribution networks so that your supplements can reach a wider market.  As supplement manufacturers for private labels we need a global reach to match our global clients, and you can take advantage of that if you want to sell your supplements online.

We have a standing partnership with Amazon, and they can house your supplements in their warehouses so you can have “fulfillment by Amazon” on your product page.  You can also use our drop shipping program and have us ship your private-label supplements directly to your customers.  If your business is outside the United States, you can rest assured that our plant follows international supplement regulations along with those of the FDA.  That means you can import our supplements and get the trusted “Made in the U.S.A.” label on your bottles and boxes.

With the market for supplements growing worldwide and showing no real signs of stopping, now is an excellent time to enter the business as a private label with an online store or as a side business for a health and beauty-related company.  So if you need the right supplement manufacturers that can scale their business with yours, have a look at what Vitakem has to offer.

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