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Should You Make Tablets Or Capsules?

Should You Make Tablets Or Capsules?

Supplement manufacturing has a lot of considerations. It’s not just a matter of figuring out what supplements you want to make, there’s also the matter of the “delivery system.” The days of children running away from their mothers because it was time for a serving of awful tasting cod liver oil from a spoon have been over for years. There are much better ways for people to get their health supplements without experiencing discomfort when they do it. Two of those ways are capsules or tablets. Which one is right for you?


The Tablet


Otherwise more commonly known as “the pill,” tablets are simply the compressed form of a supplement. Manufacturing facilities subject the supplement to immense pressures and compact it into a specific form. The supplement is then usually coated with sugar or some other compound, so as to hide the taste.

Tablets can come in many shapes and sizes, and even colors. They have a long shelf life, and are relatively fast and cost effective to produce once a manufacturing process has been clearly laid out. They can even be cut into pieces if a smaller dosage is required. Tablets, however, are the most difficult to swallow.


The Capsule


This type of delivery system, on the other hand, takes the supplement, usually in raw, unprocessed, powder form, and puts it in a gelatin “shell.” The capsule is usually tasteless, but is designed to be swallowed easily. It often costs a little bit more to produce capsules versus tablets, but one big advantage that capsules have is that they are fast acting. Tablets often take longer to dissolve and be metabolized by the body, whereas capsules are broken down in the stomach much more quickly and consequently more efficiently absorbed by the blood stream.

In some cases, if people don’t wish to take capsules, the capsules can be opened and the powdered substance inside can simply be mixed with a drink and ingested that way. However, in the case of both tablets and capsules, these delivery systems are intended the hide the taste as much as possible.


Make The Choice


Whether you want to go with tablets or capsules is up to you. If you need help with this decision, talk to someone with experience in supplement manufacturing so you can go over all the pros and cons and eventually make the decision that’s right for you and the supplement that you want to take to the market.