Private Label Manufacturing

Making The Business Work

Entering into the nutrition industry can feel like a major undertaking. Between manufacturing regulations … marketing … and developing a formulation that will sell, you’ve got a lot to keep track of.

By using private label vitamins and supplements to build your business, you cut out many of the challenges, setting your business up for success right from the start.

With private label supplements…

  • You turn the task of developing an effective and safe formulation over to your contract supplement Private Label Vitaminsmanufacturer.
  • You don’t have to worry about regulations. Your vitamin manufacturer partner is the one who takes care of compliance with FDA good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and can advise you on FDA marketing requirements.
  • You cut costs of formulation and product development. For example, required stability testing for custom formulations can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • You start off your marketing with a product that is a proven seller.
  • You can start smart and small with a minimum order requirement of only 1000 bottles so you can grow your business at a manageable pace into a solid enterprise.

The key to making private label vitamins work for your business is to do it right.

When you use Vitakem’s private label manufacturing services, you tap into a wealth of nutrition industry expertise and high-quality production. But most importantly … you link your business with a partner that is focused on your success. Sit down with us and state your goals … and we’ll help you translate them into a strategic formulation for your business.

Private Label Vitamins Can Help Any Business Grow

Here are a few scenarios from our current customer base:

  • One doctor seeking to be able to offer his patients nutritional solutions right from his office has grown his supplement business from 1000 bottles a month to 50,000.
  • A personal trainer found the perfect match for his muscle-toning tips that multiplied his income from each client.
  • An optometrist wanted to build his brand name with a formulation that underscored his holistic eye-care services. Vitakem’s sales team helped him identify a formula that would help him distinguish his special services.
  • A husband and wife partnership decided to build on their personal weight-loss success story by launching their own online weight loss business.

As our private label clients have found, using private label vitamins and supplements has allowed them to leapfrog over much of the learning curve in entering a new industry and create a viable business.

Private Label Vitamins Build Your Brand

Better yet, for existing businesses, private label products build brand recognition and serve as another form of advertising. Picture the referrals that come from your vitamin bottle with your name on it sitting on a kitchen counter … or splashed across the box someone pulls from their gym bag. Nothing promotes your services better than someone trusting you to enough to take your recommended supplement.

Find out how private label vitamins and supplements can fit strategically into your business plan.


We’re looking forward to helping you build your business strategically with private label products.

Check out some of our top-selling private label stock formulations.


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