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white label supplementsFor years, supplement manufacturers neglected labeling compliance. Nice design and hard-hitting marketing messages always took precedence. With relatively lax FDA enforcement, few paid the price.

Not any more. The FDA is increasingly vigilant about marketing claims. And it’s not just the FDA who’s on the case … Just recently, the Senate Committee on Aging garnered extensive media coverage for its investigation into what it characterized as a “dangerous and deceitful” nutritional supplement industry.

The central exhibit under discussion?

Labels from dietary supplement products that contained illegal claims.

While FDA enforcement action for non-compliance may start with a seemingly mild slap-on-the-wrist warning letter, the letter requires that you change your labels. And this can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in printing, repackaging, recalls and more.Even worse – you only have 15 days to comply.
And if you don’t revise your labels?
Fines and product seizures. Not to mention bad press.

So why take the risk?

Make Sure Your Dietary Supplement Labels Are FDA Compliant With Our FREE FDA Labeling Evaluation Service

We are one of the few vitamin manufacturers specially trained by the Natural Products Association to create proper dietary supplement labeling. (You can see our certification by clicking here.)

Our specially trained professionals will check your labels for the following:

•Use of FDA-approved health claims and structure/function language approved for dietary supplements.
•Name of the product
•Statement of net quantity
•An FDA disclaimer such as “This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”
•Supplement facts panel (the same thing as a nutritional facts panel on food products)
•Serving size
•Active ingredients and listing of other ingredients whose daily values have not been established
•Lot/batch number
•Known allergens (wheat, milk, soy, shellfish, etc)
And more!

Each of these areas has their own specific requirements ranging from font size to placement to wording.

 Why cause yourself unnecessary expense and frustration by using labels that might earn you a warning letter and more?

FDA compliant private label supplements

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