Reduce The Wear And Tear Of Modern Life With Alpha Lipoic Acid

Your body has a carefully constructed system for dealing with sugar in the blood. When you eat food, your pancreas goes to work by flooding your system with insulin. This makes sure that the sugar in your blood doesn’t jolt your system in an unhealthy way. Unfortunately, with the advent of high fat, high sugar processed foods, the pancreas has a difficult time keeping up. It needs help and that help can be found in Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid

You see, insulin is vital to your body’s overall health. But our bodies are made for a very different diet. Our digestive system has evolved from ancestors that hunted and gathered foods low in calories, low in sugar, low in fat and low in salt. The pancreas is made to deal with this type of hunter-gatherer diet. But today’s food is abundant with fats, salts and sugars. This shocks and stresses our system. It can seem like the pancreas is running on a never ending treadmill.

Insulin, while vital, also has some unwanted side effects. An abundance of insulin in the system directs your body to maintain the sugars found in food. Your body then takes the sugars and turns them into body fat; storing that fat in unwanted places. And there is more bad news. Excess body fat makes it even more difficult to deal with swings in insulin. It can lead to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and diabetes.

But Alpha Lipoic Acid has been proven to help regulate the insulin in your blood. It is the boost that your pancreas needs in the fight against modern foods. The supplement has also been shown to reduce the signs of oxidative stress, which reduces the amount of free radical toxins in the blood. Essentially, Alpha Lipoic Acid taken every day can reduce the wear and tear of modern life on your body.